Think Faster: 10 Life Hacks Top People Follow but Never Leak

Life Hacks To Make Your Brain Think Faster

The human brain is one of the most crucial body organs because it controls body movements, thinking and all operations that the body performs. This vital organ can shift either swiftly or slowly between convergent and divergent thinking depending on different conditions you subject. Here are ten life hacks to make your brain think faster and more efficiently.


10 Simple Life Hacks To Think Faster.


  1. Drinking water Improves Intellectual Health.

Research shows that drinking water has a unique way of improving your thinking rate. In fact, researchers say that if you drink a glass of water every 2 hours, the brain becomes 14% more active. Failing to drink sufficient water can make it harder to make simple decisions or even solve simple calculations.

Dr. Corinne Allen from Advanced Learning and Development Institute confirms the same.

Water provides the required electrical energy to brain cells for proper functioning. It smoothens nerve signal processing and removes toxin, thus it works much faster.

Research also says that sufficient water in Cerebrum cells improves its function by 200%. For 1% of dehydration in your body, the brain functions slow down by 5%. That is why we cannot think properly when we are tired and extremely exhausted.

Things to Do.
  1. Start your day with around 12 ounces of normal water.
  2. Drink at least 1 glass of water in every 2 hours.
  3. Do not replace water with soda, milk, coffee, or tea.
  4. Alkalized water also helps to refresh your mind faster. You can add Alkalizing Fruits to water for the same.
  5. Here are the mostly used 5 Alkalizing Fruits: Apple, Banana, Grapes, Orange, Lemon.


  1. Take a Daily Dose of EPA.

Another realistic way of making your brain to think faster is taking EPA, which is a substance, found in fish oil. This fish-oil substance is food for the mind, and it improves activity, enhances recall capacity, and boosts the rate of blood circulation.

Researchers agree that EPA is appropriate for consumption because it is a natural substance. People who take the fish-oil chemical are also incredibly sensitive to sounds and movements around them.


  1. Interact with Exciting People and Places.

Getting out from behind desks and experiencing the real world will also make the brain to think faster. Whenever you allow yourself or people you are living or working with to interact with inspiring sceneries, you will notice what I am saying.

You can visit museums, parks, and other sightseeing locations and become a fresh thinker. Alternatively, you can go to a nearby meeting point where people exchange ideas and be part of them. Exchange your ideas with the group. You can talk about a variety of issues, but before starting to talk, you need to understand their rules to be from the same viewpoint with them.

This way, you will be exposed to a new environment, often in an exciting manner, and stimulate your mind.


  1. Engage in Challenging Tasks.

As the last point, engaging in tasks that stretch your perceived limits will benefit you incredibly, even if the works seem to be entirely new to you. Remember this does not mean you take part in dangerous activities. To the contrary, it means getting involved in serious, stimulating activities that will leave you in good health or even better health.

You can learn a new language, master how to read faster, or at least learn to manage your own time. Doing any form of creative work is very encouraging.

Molly Sandra, an eminent psychologist, wrote…

Everyone who takes part in such challenging activities would gain some knowledge and make their brains think faster in a more flexible manner.

As an example, if you are a supervisor, remember to allow time for creativity so that everyone can try to develop new product designs, do some basic engineering, or solve technical work dilemmas. Of course, no one can solve complex technical challenges quickly without having undergone some training.


  1. Listen More… Talk Less.

Did you know talking less could make your mind think faster? Yes, researcher says, when you listen to anything with full concentration, the neurons gets proper relaxation. It may even be a business talk, which needs your definitive judgment.  When you are listening, the mind starts gathering the data for analyzing the issue or situation.

As there is no output (talking), it can do its work much faster. That is why listening to music help people to relax their mind.


  1. 5 Foods for Sharper Brain.

Several foods help your mind think much faster. Top 5 among those are…Workout for your Brain

  1. Blueberries: Often used as antioxidant, blueberries not only boost our body but also improve the intelligence functionality.
  2. Fruits with Citric Acid: Lime, Lemon, grapes, etc.. These fruits have no direct impact on intellect functionality but help to keep it healthy.
  3. Almonds: Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant and brain booster.
  4. Sea Fish: As discussed above, sea fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids. If you take these regularly, you will surely find your brain working faster than earlier.
  5. Coffee: Some say, a morning coffee makes the day perfect. Yes, research proved that coffee has the power to boost our cerebellum cells. However, it is advised not to take
  6. coffee too frequently, or it may cause habit and other health hazards.


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  1. Get Sufficient Sleep.

Today’s fast and highly competitive life has made us work hours without taking proper rest. We must keep in mind that the head also needs adequate rest for rejuvenation. A good sleep is the only solution to that. However, there is always a debate on how much to sleep.

It depends on person-to-person and various other factors. You can fix your sleeping duration. The indicator is… you should feel fresh and charged in the morning. You must avoid any caffeine before going to bed.


  1. Workout for Your Brain.

Like our body, our mind also requires some exercises to stay healthy. Try activities that have five characteristics as below…

  1. Try to teach yourself something new and fresh. Set a realistic and achievable job for you.
  2. It must be challenging but not stressful to the brain. Quick crosswords and puzzle games etc. help a lot.
  3. Reward yourself. You can announce a reward to yourself if you complete the task.
  4. It should use multiple senses.
  5. Do not assign highly stressful tasks to yourself.


  1. Think Positive.

Thinking positive often makes your brain think faster. Try to find the positive side in any situation. You will be amazed to see how fast you are resolving the issues.


  1. Laugh Enough.

Last but not the least… keep at least one laughing session for yourself every day.  Scientists say when you laugh all positive signals passes to the brain. The mind gets relaxed, and as a result, its functionality gets boosted.


Final Words.

I am sure, if you follow these quick and easy life-hacks, you will have a much more powerful brain that thinks and acts faster than ever.



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