Uncategorized Aerobic Septic Systems : 9 Important Points To Remember

Aerobic Septic Systems : 9 Important Points To Remember


A conventional septic system requires porous soil as well as huge space. These two requirements are such that not every area or site might be able to fulfill. In such situations wherein the standard septic systems are non-viable, aerobic septic systems prove to be quite useful. They are similar to the traditional septic systems in the sense that they both depend upon natural processes for tackling waste-water. However, unlike the septic treatment (anaerobic), the aerobic treatment needs oxygen.

Broadly, two types of bacteria exist namely, anaerobic and aerobic. Of the two, the aerobic bacteria tend to work faster, which means they can process the waste of septic tank more swiftly. Therefore, a tank having an aerobic septic system design speeds up the treatment process. It usually injects oxygen in the waste-water for triggering the growth of aerobic bacteria that break down the sewage for further treatment.



Aerobic Septic Systems: Working.

The aerobic septic system design is such that the system operates at two stages. Of the two, the initial stage is similar to the standard or anaerobic systems. Implementing a typical two-chamber system and a few major aerobic septic system parts, the system works on electricity to drive the air pump, agitator, and rotor.

When the sewage water flows into the tank, agitator separates the effluents. The solid waste tends to accumulate at the tank’s bottom, whereas the liquid waste reaches to the second chamber. In this chamber, air is blown incessantly for forming air bubbles within the effluents. This results in oxygenated air that stimulates production of aerobic bacteria for breaking down the sewage water. This resultant water is sterilized by using chemical reagents, which then flows out via pipes. Because of incessant blowing of air, an aerobic septic system is more efficient than a conventional septic system.


Aerobic Septic Systems: Installation.

It is possible to install an aerobic unit either below or above ground. Depending upon the septic system design, the system might need deeper excavation or installation of final treatment components. Usually, such systems need a separate electrical service, aeration system installation, a proper insulation bed for safeguarding the subterranean tank, and a paddle or churning system. Because of quick processing of waste-water, the system needs less space. However, the same reason is also responsible for expensive operation as well as maintain.


Aerobic Septic Systems: Cost and Savings.

The initial installation cost is several times more than that of a traditional system. As compared to a septic tank, the cost can be two or three times more. You will also have to pay for deeper excavation if it is installed below the ground level. Even before that, a prior treatment might be essential for the chosen site, which might increase the installation cost. Further, you need to arrange for electrical connections as well as access to maintenance.

When it comes to how to decide aerobic septic system cost, you need to consider factors such as unit’s size, system’s complexity, design, location of installation, and maintenance needs. Moreover, even after installation, you need to bear the power bill as well as maintenance cost.
Despite being costly, the system can make you realize savings if the drain field under coverage can be reduced or the system’s life can be expanded. Significant potential exists for saving space as well as reducing groundwater pollution, which is absent in case of standard septic systems. Moreover, the cost in the long run sounds to be affordable, if the system is properly used and maintained to remain as a high quality waste processing alternative to septic systems. This is the reason why the owners of wooded lots can also use the system, as they do not want to make available enough land for a conventional tank and drain field.


Aerobic Septic Systems Maintenance.

One of the most important aerobic septic system problems is the mandatory routine maintenance. In case the system is not maintained properly, it can pose hazards to the environment.  For example, a simply tuning off might result in health hazards by spreading a disease up to the surrounding neighborhood due to untreated sewage water accumulation. Following are the maintenance tasks that need to be carried out quite often or when the time indicates so…

9 Essential Points To Remember

  1. Ambient temperature is required throughout the system’s lifespan. In case of too low temperature, the system’s efficiency is adversely affected.
  2. The balance of bacteria must remain undisturbed, which is actually tedious for owners who need to be meticulous about the toilet cleaning products. Cleaning agents like bleach and others having harmful chemicals kills the aerobic bacteria, thus reducing their balance. Moreover, the system should be kept alkaline, as acid conditions kill good bacteria. Therefore, alternative cleaning agents such as baking soda, borax, or lemon juice should be used in cleaning.
  3. Always consider using biodegradable products, such as toilet paper. At the same time, it is harmful to put cigarette butts, oil, sanitary pads, diapers, or food scraps down the toilet or sink.
  4. The system should never be overloaded, for instance, by spreading the laundry load.
  5. The tank should be pumped at a fixed interval of every two to three years, according to the frequency of use. However, do so without damaging the baffles.
  6. Disinfection tablets recommended by Manufacturer should be used regularly.
  7. A pump check should be done monthly.
  8. Leaking faucets and toilets should be repaired instantly.
  9. An occasional check for insect damage should be done, especially in warmer climates. Usually, insects can damage the system’s electrical parts such as breaker boxes.

It is also essential to keep detailed records of maintenance. This shall throw light on how the performance of the system is, with regular maintenance.  You can prevent all upcoming problems by following two major maintenance tasks: Pumping the system often to prevent solids and overfilling to move into the chamber and avoiding the toilet to be treated as a trash can.



The aerobic systems are meant for small-scale use, especially as a miniature water plant for a single home. They are also used for replacing failing septic systems, if the installation cost and maintenance efforts are affordable.

Image: soilscience on Flickr

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  1. Very informative post, i am regular reader of your site. I noticed that your site is outranked by many other blogs
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  2. Very informative post, i am regular reader of your blog.
    I noticed that your website is outranked by many other websites in google’s search results.
    You deserve to be in top10.

  3. I like what this article mentions about the maintenance involved with this type of tank and how it’s crucial to maintain it. It makes sense that this could be the case as I think it could be the same with any kind of septic tank. It’s definitely something to remember however as I’d like to make sure that whatever type of tank we get, it lasts a long time and does what I need.


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