Beauty Tips 10 Plus Size Fashion Issues: Still Struggling with Image...

10 Plus Size Fashion Issues: Still Struggling with Image Problems?


The trend is going on for a slim-trim body (everyone is avoiding plus size dresses). Every woman wants to deduct the extra fat from her body. When asked, they say

It makes a woman more attractive and hot. Moreover, we can wear a dress of my choice…!!!

Really? Is there no dress choice for over-healthy women? Even the psychologists say it is the women do not like to wear those larger clothes. You can see this feeling among the celebrities like Melissa McCarthy, Christina Aguilera, Kirstie Alley, Jessica Simpson. They have changed their whole lifestyle and food habits to have a toned body.

Even, retailers all over the World, are abandoning the over sized women, knowingly or unknowingly. There is a  severe shortage when it comes to stylish and trendy plus-size fashions.

Some say that the large size dresses’ market is problematic for most retailers. The main reason is those are more expensive than “regular” sized clothes. There may be two genuine reasons what experts say.

First, it requires more fabric, that is why the manufacturing cost is a bit high. And the second reason is finding a model of the right size is not an easy job. Therefore, the marketing cost is always at a higher side.

It is sad but true that overweight women have very limited opportunities for varieties and designs. Dress designers and even manufacturers do not take much interest in it. Only those outdated and ugly looking fashion styles are available for the young people who are overweight.

Most obese man and women do not mind buying dresses those are labeled as “plus size.” They have no choice but to opt for large size dresses those are designed for slimmer bodies but sized larger. They know it is neither fashionable nor favorable, but they have no other option.


Are Plus Size Dresses Really Ugly?

Every woman feels that the extra weight makes her ugly, but that is not the fact. A proper fashion can make them glorious and glamorous. But modern era fashion designers have almost forgotten this truth.

However, they are highly driven by the market demand, and the scenario has changed. Like, a model wearing a dress sized 12 is called  ‘a Plus size model’ though she has a firm body with a flat stomach.

The World should understand that an average overweight woman does not look like that. Or even she will not fit in a 12 size dress. All fashion designers should start making larger clothes keeping the real so called ‘fat’ women in mind, which may bring them more success to their efforts.

Plus Size Dresses
In past few years, both women and men are getting more overweight due to lifestyle changes, food habits, and sleeping disorders.

So, there is an increasing demand for the such dresses in the fashion world. They also require some stylish, colorful and versatile clothes for their day-to-day life.

But the availability is far lesser than the actual demand. As a result, the those women feel hopeless when they visit a store and find dresses made for the slimmer women.

Ultimately, they are compelled to believe that they are the ignored and they just move on with their non-stylish, colorless life. Dress shoppers, designers, and companies should realize that these women are here to stay, and they will buy when the clothes meet the demand.


Plus Size Clothing Issues.

Even though there is a rise in demand, unfortunately, the selection option for larger clothes is becoming less every day. Until now no big fashion merchant has come out with collections of such dresses.

It is sad but true that all big traders are ignoring the demands of these customers. That is why most of those women have turned to small-medium merchants who have recently come out with some excellent collections. Those also offer online outlets and home delivery, which is giving superb success.

You can find a lot of those on eBay or Amazon or other big individual-seller based online shopping sites. Most often, they have their great catalogs that offer an entire range with flexible colors, designs, and sizes.

However, it is being ignored at this moment but it is for sure that the success of the small merchants will surely catch the eyes of the fashion giants very soon and they will come up with their ranges of plus size dresses.

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