Beauty Tips 30 Best Foundation Makeup Tips: How to Apply Foundation

30 Best Foundation Makeup Tips: How to Apply Foundation


If you are a lady, then you know how important it is to perfect your makeup like a princess. It takes a lot of talent to get this technique down to a tee. And if you fail, you will fail miserably. First of all, do not get bogged down. A little knowledge, practice, and patience can bring the perfect look you always wished for. Find below some hand-picked tips and ideas regarding the best way to apply foundation.


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Did You Know It Started Ages Back?

Before going into the details here is a brief about the evolution of foundation. Of course, women have been altering their appearance, with makeup since the beginning of time. Over the years, technology has been used tremendously to develop a vast array of different types of beauty products that are now available to the public.

There is now a different makeup for every individual portion of your face including cheeks, eyelids, eyelashes, and lips. If you have facial blemishes, you definitely will have no problems concealing them if you know how to apply foundation.

Cleopatra knew better than anyone else, in her time how important it was to look refreshed and fashionable, which is why she chose to use white lead powder and chalk to brighten her skin daily.


Why Knowing Skin Pigment Type is Important.

Learning about face pigment types is vital to decide the best way to apply foundation. The first step of the process involves finding the perfect color to match your skin pigment or tone. It is a daunting task, within itself that will take a lot of thought, but if you use your resources, it will not be that difficult.

Never take your chances on ordering a cosmetic off of the internet if you are not sure about correct product ID. It is always better to visit a beauty store for the first buy. In that way, you can make an accurate tone match comparison.

Without the trial and error of application, you are taking a risky gamble. The color theory is a very familiar formula that will help to determine your overall complexion.

  • Neutral – Veins will appear bluish green.
  • Cool – Veins will appear blue or purple.
  • Warm – Veins will appear green or olive.

If the hue magically disappears into your skin, then that is your color, and you should stick with it. It is important to not change your original tone, with any cosmetic.

You should take help from a professional makeup artist to perform this. But most women are intimated by their presence, so they choose to tackle it by themselves.


How To Pick The Right Foundation for Your Skin?


Liquid Foundation.

You have come to the perfect place to learn the best way to apply liquid foundation. Contrary to thought, this is by far the most difficult to implement correctly. It may require several test runs, before you can perfect your skin, with a complimentary smoothness.

This process can be very time taking at first, but over time, you will be able to pull it off in a shorter amount of time. Make sure that you purchase a high-quality makeup brush, which will provide you with an even application. Read about the best ways to keep your makeup brushes clean at home.

Step-by-Step Makeup Guide.

How To Apply Liquid Foundation.

  • Squeeze a couple of drops onto the palm of your hand.
  • Dip your brush into the liquid.
  • Start applying it to the center line of the face, by using a feathering motion, work your way outward toward the ear lobe, following the jaw line.
  • Continuing the feathering motion, move back in toward the nose and lips.
  • Look at the jaw and neck color to make sure that the color matches.
  • Repeat the technique on the other side of your face.
  • Only apply where it is needed and layer as often as you need to conceal blemishes.

You should only apply where to areas that need it and never compound a large amount on at one time. Once you complete the application, you may feel that some areas need more. You can apply layer after layer, as much as you like.


Powder Foundation.

Contour Brush for Powder Foundation
Each and every day, women use powder foundation, but knowing the proper way of application is important. This section is going to explain how to apply powder foundation.

The great thing about this cosmetic, it will provide an even more seamless look than liquid ones if implemented correctly.

As you probably already know there are a lot of different styles of makeup brushes available on today’s market. You are going to want to get yourself a Contour stylish brush. This brush is perfect because it allows for bidirectional movement. Grab your compact and brush, because it is time to get to work.

Step-by-Step Makeup Guide.

How To Apply Powder Foundation.

  • First of all, make sure that you hold the brush horizontally. And, softly work the sides of the bristles back and forth. To help you better visualize this image think about the action of using a pencil eraser to remove a mark from paper.
  • Then take the brush, and repeatedly press it onto your face with a rolling movement. It allows you to place the cosmetic on your face evenly. You will be able to build the layers to any level you want. Ensure that it has no caked on or flaky look.

Take your time to complete this process to perfection. It may require a little bit of practice before you get it right.


Know Your Skin Type Before You Apply Foundation.


Best Foundations For Oily Skin.

Best Foundations For Oily Skin
Finding a good cosmetic for oily skin can be quite a challenge. Again, finding the best way to use foundation for such skin is more challenging.

The key is finding one that will stay on the face. Your best bet will be a long lasting or double wear, which will not wear off over time. The cosmetic will have to work efficiently to cover your skin’s shine, blemishes, and pores, without becoming a non-breathable base.

A lightweight foundation will go on smoothly, without becoming caked, after several hours of wear. Taking all of these different requirements and adding them together to create a product that is perfect for oily or greasy skin, you will come up with the perfect base.

The final result is a lightweight, long wear, shine control effect.

If you steer away from this type of beauty product, you may end up regretting your decision later. Pimples are a common occurrence caused by a non-breathable, thick ones, which would be devastating for your appearance.


Best Foundations for Dry Skin.

Keep in mind, if you have this complexion type, you might have to pay a higher price for it. Although the price will be nothing compared to the results that you are going to achieve.

An excellent cosmetic will not only keep your skin from flaking, but it will also prevent future dry spots.

  • Water based, liquid ones are preferred over all the others. You want to make sure you choose a product that does not contain oil. Extensive research has been done on this cosmetic. The results show that after two months of use you would see about 25% improvement, in your dry skin.
  • Cream foundations also work very well for extremely dehydrated skin. It is vital that you view the ingredient list to see what makes up the product. You should decide on one that has a higher percentage of water and seaweed. Keep in mind that seaweed is a highly used ingredient to retain moisture.

It is not a good idea to use a powder base if you have dry complexion. However, there are some instances, where you can mix a liquid or cream. It is to help you create the perfect concoction for your skin type.


Best Foundation For Sensitive Skin.

Best Foundation For Sensitive Skin
It is pretty obvious that you should always go for a cosmetic that is prescribed for sensitive skin.

This cosmetic should not contain any harsh chemicals that could potentially cause irritation or breakout. Therefore they will work correctly for your complexion type.

Many makeup artists feel that a face powder may work better because they have a more sensitive consistency. It is vital that you avoid products that contain ingredients that could potentially cause an allergy outbreak.

Hypoallergenic foundations are by far the best makeup products for sensitive skin on today’s market. These may end up costing a bit more money, but they are worth it. These go on smooth, while leaving your face soft and subtle. Furthermore, these do not contain any harsh ingredients, which tend to cause rashes, pimples, and irritations.

Take your time to choose your foundation if you have sensitive skin type. If you do have difficulties finding one that suits your needs, you may want to consider visiting beauty supply stores.

You can also get in touch with a makeup artist. She may be able to offer you several samples of their products to try. In that way you will find the perfect makeup for your particular complexion.

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Best Foundation For Pale Skin.

A pale or ivory skin complexion can make finding the best foundation very challenging. You may find yourself searching through several different cosmetic stores and beauty departments before you find a product that will work for you.

Expect to spend a lot of money on these products. It may require several test runs to find something that will suit your tone. A pale complexion is unlike other skin tones, and you may need to mix different types to match your type.

A relatively light base, with a luminous finish, is the best. It will give you a flawless coverage. You may consider finding one that contains a high SPF. This helps reduce the risks of being exposed to ultraviolet rays which is a common problem for pale skin types.


Best Foundation For Aging Skin.

Best Foundation For Aging Skin
As time goes on everything grows older. It is a fact that no one likes to hear, but it is just the way of life.

Your skin becomes older as you age. Unfortunately, complexion changes are usually the most visible signs of aging. These changes may consist of wrinkles or sagging.

You are probably anxious to decide the best foundation for your aging skin and your current makeup is most likely not as effective, as when you were younger.

Don’t worry; there are some good cosmetics for such skin types which enhance your tone and hide those wrinkles, and aging spots.


How To Apply Foundation For Mature Skin.

  • Many excellent stick foundations are available in today’s market. When you choose a stick cosmetic, you want to make sure you get one that contains goji berry and caffeine. These two amazing ingredients are known for firming up the face.
  • Users of this product have recommended that you buy a shade that is lighter than your actual skin color. Also when you apply foundation, you need to dab it on. Apply in the areas where you want to attract light.
  • Many older women say that a hydrating or satin-finish liquid base is best for aging skin. As your age increases, the hormone levels begin to take a dip. As a result, your face gets drier. The hydrating ingredients like aloe vera will eliminate and hydrate the dry skin.

If you are suffering from aging skin, it is possible that you might try a cream foundation. Some ladies over 40 said that liquid bases are the good for it. However, you might want to think twice, before using any face cream or lotion. It can dry your skin out even more than earlier. It could potentially backfire by causing your skin to take on a rougher texture and cause lines to appear more prominent.

Thicker cream cosmetics are designed to provide better coverage for an uneven tone, and aging spots. If you like to use a cream foundation, then you might want to consider applying a hydrating primer beforehand.

In addition, it is a good idea to think about a product with added antioxidants and peptides. These are two fabulous anti-aging ingredients that can boost your makeup’s performance.

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Final Words.

It is every woman’s goal to look younger and keep their skin firm, radiant, and healthy. To achieve this, you will need to do a lot of experiments to find the perfect products.

It is important to use a cosmetic that suits your tone and type. Luckily, there are many variants available on today’s market. And, you will surely find for your type and look like the princess that you are on the inside.

Just remember, beauty is only skin deep, and it is only in the eye of the beholder. As long as you feel good about yourself that is all that matters. Try the best way to apply foundation tricks I stated above and go out as the most attractive woman.


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