Health Can You Donate Blood If You Have Herpes: Facts...

Can You Donate Blood If You Have Herpes: Facts Revealed


While many individuals that are infected with a contagious virus may want to attempt to donate blood to save someone’s life, it is best to find if you can legally do so. This article will show you the facts surrounding the question, can you donate blood if you have herpes or any other type of contagious disease.

Can You Donate Blood If You Have Herpes?


Always Infectious.

It is a fact that someone living with herpes is almost always infectious. Many people will experience severe outbreaks from time to time, with a long period of being asymptomatic (without symptoms). Just because you are in the asymptomatic phase, does not mean that you are free of herpes. You are still most likely questioning, “Is it safe to donate blood if I have herpes”? When you arrive at the blood center, you need to be open and up front about your disease, because it would not be fair to the recipient to receive tainted blood.



When the infected individual begins to experience an outbreak, they are infected. This basically means that others can be at a high risk of coming into contact with the virus. Can you donate blood if you have herpes, in this outbreak phase? You will most likely know, when the victim is in the outbreak phase, because they will exhibit blisters in the oral cavity, buttocks, thigh, and pubic area. It is not uncommon for you to experience blisters, between the fingers, if you have a specific type of herpes. This will eventually burst, dry up, and then dissipate over time.


Living with Herpes.

Many individuals begin to learn about and accept their disease over time and so will you, but this does not answer the question, can you donate blood if you have herpes. Being open and honest about your disease is the best way to come to terms with it. Those that love and adore you will most likely become to accept it as well. If you fail to express truthfulness about your disease, you will fail to consummate personal relationships.


Medications for Herpes.

There are several different types of over the counter and prescription antiviral drugs that are effective in relieving the pain caused by blisters. This medication will also help in the treatment and healing process, as well. They work efficiently, by relieving pain, drying up the blisters, and helping them heal faster. You definitely need to ask your physician, can you donate blood if you have herpes, before you actually agree to donate.



Can you donate blood if you have herpes?
Well, the answer is “YES”. Herpes simplex Type I and Type II is not found in the blood. This virus is passed through direct contact. This basically means that you can come into contact with the virus through skin-to-skin, oral, and sexual (genital) contact.

Now that you have the answer to your question, can you donate blood if you have herpes? You can decide whether or not you want to take the challenge and donate. Again, it is vital that you are genuinely open about your disease, so the blood center will be prepared for your donation.

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