Beauty Tips Cedarwood Essential Oil : The Magic Liquid from Heaven

Cedarwood Essential Oil : The Magic Liquid from Heaven


We call Cedarwood Essential Oil the Magic Liquid from the Heaven, because of the fact that it has exceptional benefits with cool, pleasurable essence. Its soothing effect makes you feel good and after continuous use, it increases the overall glow of the body and face. After a whole

day’s hard work a warm bath with a few drop of Cedarwood oil and you will get relief from all the stresses instantly. Almost all famous beauticians, aroma therapists, and psychotherapists are prefer to use it. It has a soft, comforting, and pleasurable smell that directly affects our olfactory sense. On prolonged smelling, it can give out a sandalwood smell. The color may fluctuate from being whitish yellow, to twilight orange, and the texture is slightly glutinous.

History of Cedarwood.

The Cedarwood tree (Cedrus atlantica) is mainly found in Northern parts of America and Himalayas. The tree can survive up to 900 years and can be grown almost anywhere in the World. However the popular story says, the people of Egypt used to preserve their mummies by using Cedarwood essential oil. Americans use it for decontamination of their homes and environment.

The Magic Potion of Cedarwood Essential Oil.

How this Heavenly Mixture is made?

The process of extraction of the Cedarwood Essential Oil is very easy. First, the Cedarwood pieces, shreds, and branches are refined through distilled water. Then it is put into steel containers for condensation. The resultant liquid amounts to about 40%.

True Benefits of the Magic Liquid.

The restorative, medicinal, and therapeutic properties of this Cedarwood essential oil are as below:

Cedarwood Essential OilIt have miraculous effects for various ailments like inhalation problems, other problems in respiratory tracts, cyst in the abdomen, gout, acne-prone skin, and hair-related problems. However, special attention is required that it should not be taken in excess while using in on respiratory systems; otherwise, it can have negative effects.

Several doctors and lifestyle practitioners suggest Cedarwood Essential oil as an effective stimulant to control of blood sugar. It acts as a cough and cold medicine due to its tranquilizing effect. It is also good for its anti-fungal effects and we can use it for killing insects by spraying it.

Cedarwood Essential oil has enormous importance in the area of beauty. It is used to maintain oil balance of skin, and keep skin protected from dermatological problems like itching, scaling, fungal infection, or white flakes in hair.

This also reduces skin pimples or other skin problems. Famous beauty experts prefer Cedarwood essential oil as it mixes easily with other beauty products, and other vital oils like bergamot, cypress, jasmine, rosemary, lemon, and lavender to create various mixtures for various needs.

In this modern age, with all modern amenities, human being caught terribly in competition. It is a common phenomenon that the modern age people find it difficult to sleep due to stress, tension, or mental problems. Health experts, spa owners, and hypnotherapists use Cedarwood essential oil to help the patients relax and sleep well.

The Himalayan or the Virginian variety of the Cedarwood essential oil is widely acknowledged. Most of the aroma therapists all over the globe use that version due to its free availability. It is very famous in countries like China, Tibet, India, Malaysia, UK, USA and other European countries.

Bringing Heaven to Home.

The normal price range for Cedarwood essential oil can be approximately $3 to $5, in small quantity, and it can go up to even $60 for 1 kilogram. Whatever the price is, the uses and advantages are quite obviously praiseworthy. It can be used as a prominent health potion also for enhancing proper working of muscles, nerves, lungs, and digestive systems. When people call it, the Magic Liquid there is nothing wrong in it.

Words of Caution.

Cedarwood essential oil in intense form should not be used or inhaled. Carrier oils like coconut or olive oil are mixed to make it lighter and tolerable concentration. We should avoid using it during pregnancy.

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