Stinky feet are not something anyone likes to hear about or have. It’s very embarrassing if you have smelly feet, especially if you have to take your shoes off in front of many people. Believe me; it is not that you are the only one who have this problem. Everyday lots of people search online to know how to cure stinky feet. Many people find the smell of stinky feet very unpleasant and, at times, unbearable. Some say it smells like rotten eggs, and to some it smells like garbage. Read below to know the best and easy to follow methods to cure stinky feet.


Cure Stinky Feet: 7 Simple Ways.

Why Feet Smell?

Before we proceed to cure stinky feet, we should know why this happens actually. As you know, a human body sweats all the time, throughout the day. It is a natural physical process to keep our body temperature controlled. Normally, the sweat is evaporated in air but it cannot when we wear airtight shoes. Besides, there are much more sweat glands available on feet than any other part of human body. Then the bacteria do the rest of the process. These tiny creatures love dumb places as it help them to multiply and they start feasting on the sweaty foot. They eat dead cells from your feet, start multiplying and leave an organic waste product. This acidic waste actually smells bad. This condition is termed medically as bromodosis.

The armpits and hands are also having large numbers of sweat glands and they perspire as much as feet. However, the feet smell BAD compared to our armpits and hands, because those are typically covered with socks and shoes. Sweat gets trapped in our socks and those tiny organisms starts having a feast inside the shoe. They eat the sweat, grow their family and secrete a bad stench which creates the foul smell.

Everyone smell different, because our bodies allow only some specific bacteria to live on our skin. Different people have different bacteria, which is why all smell different. A person who sweats more than the others will probably have smelly feet.

A foot perspires most when you are in stress. Even conditions like athlete’s foot, which is a fungal infection, can cause bad odor.



How To Cure Stinky Feet?

Cure Stinky Feet

People follows many different ways to hide the foot odor. Spraying perfume on your stinky feet may give you some temporary relief. We should use the better methods to cure stinky feet perfectly.

Here are some useful tips to cure stinky feet…

Change your Shoes every day.

Shoes are the main culprit when it comes to smelly feet. Most of the shoes do not allow air to pass and so the sweat inside can not dry. Changing the shoes often solves this issue. Yes, you should have minimum two pairs of shoes and you should alter it every day. I this way, your shoe will get enough time dry out from sweats.


Wash and Dry your Feet.

Clean your feet and dry properly before wearing shoes. A clean foot has fewer bacteria hence there is lesser change of infection. You can mix any disinfectant solution to the water you use to clean your feet. Finally, use any surgical spirit to make your feet bacteria free. It also helps to get your feet dry out perfectly which a towel cannot do.


Use Antiperspirant or Deodorant.

A normal antiperspirant or deodorant can work well as your armpits. However, there are several foot specific antiperspirants available on the store used to cure stinky feet but those can be costly. Whatever those advertise, those have the same function as a normal deodorant.


Change your Socks.

Always use a clean and dried pair of socks, preferably made of pure cotton. Avoid using nylon socks, as those are very poor at absorbing sweat. Change the socks at least once a day, if not twice or more. You can use antibacterial socks or socks with air ventilation duct. Most of the sports personnel use these type of socks. This will help you to cure stinky feet very fast.


Use an Antibacterial Powder.

Before wearing socks, apply some antibacterial powder on your toes. This will prevent the growth of any bacteria and so there is lesser chance of stinky feet.


Use Pure Leather Shoes.

Cure Stinky FeetPure leather shoes are small air pores through which air ventilates inside the shoe, thus allow the feet to breath. You can use canvas shoes also but never use plastic made shoes.


Clean Feet Nails Regularly.

Due to our busy schedule of life, we often forget about our feet nails. Most of us ignore this but this can be really helpful to cure stinky feet. You should clean those regularly as dust may trap under the nails, which aggravate bacterial multiplication.


Use Medicated Insoles.

There are some medicated insoles available in the market, which you can try. Those may not be useful for them who sweat a lot but can be useful for the office-going people.



Get Rid of Already Smelled Foot.

If your feet is already releasing bad odor you can follow this to get rid of it. Wash your feet with any antibacterial soap. Leave it for few minutes after you apply the soap. Then wash if off. Towel dry the feet and apply any antibacterial cream with moisturizer on it. This will help your feet to recover fast from the damages made by the bacteria. Follow this for at least a week and you will surely find improvement.


Final Words.

So now, do not get worried on to cure stinky feet. These are usually a common issue and can be cleared up easily if you follow the above tips regularly. In some cases, where the situation has worsen already, you might have to see a doctor.