Health Diet Before Colonoscopy: 5 Days Colonoscopy Prep Diet

Diet Before Colonoscopy: 5 Days Colonoscopy Prep Diet


Earlier we have discussed in detail about what to eat after colonoscopy. Today we will discuss Today we will talk about another important aspect i.e. prep for the colonoscopy. Bowel preparation and diet before colonoscopy usually begins four to five days before the procedure day.

Most doctors would like to make this very clear, and they prepare a complete food chart to follow efficiently. Sometimes doctors send “untidy” patients back to their home even after starting the procedure if the patient did not follow all instructions.

Your gastroenterologist needs to clean and empty the colon for a clear picture. Otherwise, you will have to return for another visit.

Diet Before Colonoscopy.

First, stop taking any product that contains iron like multivitamins, iron tablets, and herbal nutritional supplements four days prior to the procedure. Iron can colorize the intestine wall which can obstruct with the proceedings of getting a clean picture.

Also, tell your doctor or pharmacist about all the medications you are taking at the time of preparing the process schedule. It will help them to decide what to take and what not.

5 Days Colon Prep Diet.

The colon prep usually starts 4-5 days before the process. Find here the foods you should take or avoid while preparing your colon for proper investigation.

What can I Eat Three days Before?

  • You should stop eating foods those contain fiber like, fiber supplements and bulk bowel cleaners.
  • Limit drinking coffee, alcohol consumption, as well as the use of chocolate.
    Diet Before Colonoscopy
  • Avoid eating rice, vegetables, nuts, seeds, red meat, red liquids, and red wine, artificially colored drinks, fruits, milk, and dairy.
  • Every patient makes one common mistake when they consume plenty of Gatorade or other sports drinks because they were told to keep hydrated. Here, you should know that most sports drinks are artificially colored and flavored.

I have seen patients consumes liters of red Gatorade without a doubt in their minds. As a result, they had to repeat the process.

  • You can add clear soup, chicken soup, stewed chicken, fried fish, soft-boiled eggs, mashed potatoes, cheese to the Prep diet. Keep in mind; it should be white or bright colored foods.

What Can I Eat The Day Before a Colonoscopy?

The day before surgery, most doctors recommend that you have light breakfast. For example, two minutes boiled egg with a little white tea will do the work.

  • Diet Before ColonoscopyIt is okay to drink water, white tea, regular tea, and most of the doctors are even OK with coffee. Some people do not agree with this, but you can choose to listen to your doctor.
  • Coffee is a great beverage, but it can cause problems for people with disorders of the digestive tract. It can cause nausea, gastritis and even reflux.
  • An occasional sip of coffee is great, but constant addiction is not healthy.
  • Keep in mind that you should not add anything like milk or cream to your tea or coffee prior to the process.
  • You can have apple juice, white grape juice, clear soup without fat, strained fruit juice (not red or purple).
  • Drink at least once an hour to prevent dehydration. If you chose a sports drink, please get a transparent drink or lemon or ginger flavored types.

Few hours Before the process.

  • On the day of your schedule, you must avoid any food even if you feel hungry. You can drink the above-said liquids but to should be three to four hours before the procedure.
  • Ask your doctor if you take certain medications like painkillers etc.

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Final Words.

With this, I am sure; now you know what should be the best diet before colonoscopy for you. You can prepare your chart and follow that.

Always remember, for any issue or query do not hesitate to ask your doctor first. A doctor can only suggest you better on how to prepare yourself considering your health and lifestyle conditions.

Please feel free to post your valuable comment for any advice, suggestion or query.

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