Relationships Do I Love Him? 3 Quick Questions You Must...

Do I Love Him? 3 Quick Questions You Must Ask Yourself


We all fall in love, at least once in our life. When in affection many questions bug our mind. The most common question we always keep asking ourselves is “ Do I Love Him? ”

In short, emotions and opinions are usually very complicated to distinguish. Both are responsible for making decisions in our life. We say, a decision by heart or mind. Most of us cannot answer the question as at that time we are flooded with emotions, which totally take control of our mind.

We feel shy to express our thoughts to others. We want to keep our private life solely personal and keep it inside our hearts.

Do I Love Him‘ Quiz.

For those, with experience of failure in romance, it becomes more complicated. The unresolved questions related to their past love life create negative emotions, which become a hindrance for the present. They feel afraid thinking if the new person comes out as ex-boyfriend! Therefore, it is necessary to find out if you like your new partner, or just because you want someone like your ex.

It is crucial because you have to go over carefully in his heart, so that moving on will be easier for you, and have a more productive relationship in the future.

The human brain is complex, it never stops seeking the answer to the question, and ultimately it makes us more confuse. It makes our life slow with lack of concentration and interest.

So how to figure out what your real feeling for your new partner? Today, I am going to show you three simple ways to help our heart and mind answer for it.

Why do I Feel Like I Love Him So Much?

I Always Think About Small Things About Him. Do I Love Him?

Can you remember the way he talks, smiles or looks at you? Do you smile of your own when you think him smiling? Again, if your answer is yes, then there is a high probability that you are in love with him.

When you wake up in the morning or before bed, you will tend to think of him and want to give him a call but cannot get what should you talk. You think about him more when you have enough free time. You tend to hang out at places where you both used to go and do it together.

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I Feel Jealous When I See Him with Another Woman. Do I Love Him?

Do I Love HimThis is the most important part of analysis, but why! Only this can confirm the answer to your question.

However, this can be much more problematic, because you will find various consequences of this problem and you need to understand the real reason why you do so.

When you see him with another woman, you may become jealous because you are happy that he could not find a new partner. Alternatively, you could experience the anger or be upset because you enjoy being with him and someone is stealing the moment from you. When he is with someone else, it hurts you, and it feels like someone has stabbed your heart with a sharp knife.

You feel like it is necessary to declare war with that woman because you still feel you are the only one to spend time with him. Love increases possessive attitude, you know!

Do You Feel Strong Urge for Him?

Do you always seek for chances to meet him or just to have a wink of him? Are you feeling to call or text him for no reason? If your answer is yes, then most likely you will want to connect with him. At that moment, do not stop yourself doing that.

Just hang all your job hiding one corner and take a good look at him, doing good that is alive and well. Otherwise, simply dial his number at random and hoping to get a return call from him.

You could use all your courage and show it in front of him, surprise him. Do not worry, as soon as he starts responding, you have done your part.

Final Words.

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all three situations above, I am sure you are in a romantic bond with him. At this situation, you should not wait more and express your feeling to him, before it is late.

Most of the women wait for the right time to reveal though they do not know what can be the right situation. Some even wait for the man to approach first. Yes, it is good, but it may not happen every time as he might be in a dilemma as well.

So, take a deep breath and ask yourself for at least three times “ Do I Love Him? ” … if you get affirmation from your heart and mind for all the times, just go and tell him!

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