In May, my son (5) came down with some flu bug.  Starting out with a fever, then a dry cough and a sore throat… that was the worst of it.  His fever started out at 102 and creeped up to 103 for the afternoon/evening of two days. The first night his fever was 103.6 – this was the worst.

It had been this way for 4 hours and we could not get it to go down.  We have only been using essential oils up to this point (no OTC medicines) since last October.   By this time, it is about 9:30pm and we usually go to bed around 10 – 11pm. Now we are praying folks, however, we knew that we would be up worrying checking on him every hour or so if we did not get his fever down. I think any parent would.  Right? The essential oils for fever we had been using are Peppermint for his fevers, Lemon and Thieves oil for his sore throat, Thieves and Basil for antiviral and antibacterial properties.


Essential oils for Fever: Did I risk my Son?

We know that fevers are our friends, right?  Fevers are a sign that our bodies are fighting an infection.  They are there to help us. Therefore, I knew this and knew he had some type of infection and glad that his body was kicking in to help him out.  However, he looked miserable, he was so hot, and he now at this time of night was sleeping.  So I didn’t want to wake him up to throw him in a cool bath.  I really wanted to let him sleep because I know that sleep is important when you are sick as well.


Feeling like a Terrible Parent.

I go to the internet to search about fevers and what others say about it and searched doctors’ articles. I read that after fevers reaches 104 – 105 there can be neurological damage and I have heard in the past that seizures could happen.  Now mind you this information is not from my pediatrician or a trusted source.  That is why this is a terrible idea.  So as my son’s temperature stayed at 103.6 for some time my husband and I decided to go buy him some OTC medicines to try to get the fever down.

We were advised against one OTC (Over The Counter) med that is bad for your liver and to get this other one if that is what we decided to do. I felt awful… felt like a terrible parent.  I could not believe that we went this long without OTC medicines and I was going to actually give this to my son.  Ugh! As my hubby was getting the medicines, I hopped online to discuss this with my Aromatherapy specialists.  They were so encouraging and let me know that I am the mom and I know best and whatever I decided I should not be discouraged. This was probably the best medicine for me. I was lifted up right there at that moment. They gave me some important tips on controlling the situation with essential oils for fever.

I learned so much while my hubby was at the store that night about what others have done during this type of situation with their children, etc.  I also learned that you can put essential oils in your belly button – Who Knew!  So I started doing that with my son – mostly Peppermint to help his fever come down. They also promised me to send a pack of Essential oils for fever for my personal use.


Essential Oils for Fever vs. OTC Medicines.

Essential Oils for FeverMy hubby finally returned and we woke our son up to give him some of the OTC med.  It’s still 9:30pm – so I waited an hour to take his temp again.  It was still over 103.  What?  Why had not this med kicked in – that is why we bought it right – it is supposed to work right away at least within an hour!  I had just started a movie on Netflix so I decided to continue to watch it and to take his temp again after the movie.  It might as well watch something while I am waiting up.  So when the movie was over (about 1 hour or so after I took his temperature the last time).  I took his temperature again and it had come down to 102.

My son was sleeping in the playroom on the couch so my hubby decided to stay in there with him that night just to make sure he was OK.  So at this point, I do not know if his fever went down because of the OTC or from all the oils that I had been doing.  You can come up with your own conclusion.

To make a long story longer this went on the next night too but this time I did not give him any of the OTC med.  I wanted to see what was going to happen and if it was going to go any higher or turn itself around on its own.  And guess what? The fever started to go down.  We previously talked and decided (hubby and I) that if his fever was not going down with these essential oils for fever, then we would give him a dose of the OTC med again.  However, that was not the case.  The fever turned itself around and throughout the night worked on his little body to get him better. Hallelujah! The next morning his fever was a bit over 101.

He still has the cough and a runny nose. In the meantime, I received an oil pack, named Ravintsara from my specialists and I wanted to try.  Its medicinal properties mentioned are anti-tumoral, antiviral, and antibacterial.  Used for:  Herpes virus/viral infections including cold, throat and lung infections, hepatitis, shingles, cancer and pneumonia.  So I thought throat and lung infections, hah?  I would try it so I added this to my medicine cabinet for the night.  I was also continuing to use it on his chest and spine for his cough.


Fevers – Detox Time.

I was so concerned about how I could detox him from the OTC medicine also so I gave him a couple detox baths with Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulphate).  We actually used RC (Respiratory Congestion) and I gave him one bath each day.


Fevers – The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

His fever that day kept going lower and lower – praise God.  We were so relieved that the infection portion of this flu seemed to subside finally.  I kept him home all week.  This was the week after Memorial Weekend so he actually missed 4 days of school.  Thank God, I am a work from home mom so I would not have to take off work.  He definitely was feeling better the night of the 3rd day after his fever subsided and I knew he was going to be OK.  I am not sure if I would not have used essential oils for fever if this flu had gone away in 3 days.



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