Face Make Up: 5 Absolutely Easy Steps To Be Attractive

Face Make Up

All of us want to look beautiful and wish to do face make up but most of us do not know how. In my earlier post, I shared Top 7 Natural Beauty Tips for Face and today, we shall discuss on how to do proper face make up in 5 easy steps to look more attractive and gorgeous. Just follow these beauty tips and transform yourself to a Beauty Diva.

We should keep our weapons ready before we start (weapons… he he!). Some of the most important face make up tools we need to keep at hand are like…

  1. Moisturizer.
  2. Ice cubes.
  3. Foundations: Liquid or dry, whichever you prefer most.
  4. Eye Make up: Eye shadows & applicator, eye pencil, eyeliner, Mascara.
  5. Lip Make up: Lipstick and/or lip balm, lip liner and lip brush.
  6. Tissue papers or cotton swabs.

Well, now you are ready with all the tools and ready to start. Here you should take some factors into consideration like… which occasion or event, what time of day and the climate. All these have immense effect on your make up. For example, you should not wear a dark bold shed if you are going for an outdoor event. Again, it is best to have a light make up if the temperature is higher. So let us start now… follow these easy 5 steps and turn yourself from a girl-next-door to one of the most gorgeous & hot girl.


Face Make Up: 5 Absolutely Easy Steps.


Apply Foundation.

Best Way to Apply FoundationIt is the most important part of face make up as it creates the base of entire process. First, apply moisturizer on your face and neck. Cover ears and nape the portion your outfit`s neck that is going to show. Do not overdo and wipe off extra moisturizer with tissue paper. Now, start applying liquid foundation across your face in small dots. Then immediately blend it in your skin. You should do it fast as the foundations dry very fast and may create lumps as soon as you start blending which will make your base uneven. When it is done, rub ice cubes lightly all over your face… this will close the skin pores and hold your foundation base for long time. Blot with a tissue paper to soak the water and then wait for some time to let it dry properly. Then apply compact powder… from center to the sides of face and the open parts of your neck.

Always pick a foundation, may be liquid or dry, which is closer to your skin color and tone. This will look natural and improve your natural glow. Read full article on Best Way to Apply Foundation.



Eye Make up.


The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

-Audrey Hepburn.

An eye make up should be done keeping the whole face make up in mind, not the dress we wear. This is where we all do the mistake and try to match our eyes with the dress.

eye make upBefore we start, we should consider the time of the day. For example, we should pick a light shade when we are going to a place that is bright or sunny. Similarly, the dark shades are the best for the night events. Consider the occasion too… as if, for a prom night or date, you should have a thick, dark eye shadow so that your eyes look more dreamy and romantic. You can add some glitter if you are going to a party. If it is a quiet dinner, then avoid the glitter, just take a golden hue, and blend with a color that compliments your skin. Now apply eyeliner over your eyelids. Girls with big eyes should do thin eye line or your eyes may look bigger. Do the final touch with mascara. Apply mascara on both up and down eyelashes. If you have thick eyelashes, you can use mascara only on upper lashes. See if it goes well with rest part of the face make up.

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10 Best Eye Make up Tips.

  1. Maybelline guides, try to keep your eyes open while applying eyeliner. However, it is a bit tough but it will help you to create it perfectly.
  2. Dry your eyelashes with tissue paper before you apply to avoid any smudging. It also protects from draining which may spoil your entire face make up.
  3. If you have smaller eyes and want to look it bigger, use a white or off-white pencil to draw the inner rims and then use eyeliner outside of it.
  4. Draw mascara from the root to top to look your eyelashes look longer and thicker.
  5. Mascara can stick your lashes together. Use a small comb to remove excess mascara and the clumps.
  6. Use mascara base to avoid draining of mascara. If at all it drains, use tissue papers to soak it.
  7. While using eye shadows, keep in mind that you should start with the lightest shade from brow bone to darker at the eye line.
  8. Do not use the shade of eye shadows as the shade of your eyelid. It will pop up your eyes.
  9. Use lighter shades for eye make up if you are using bright or glittering lipstick.
  10. Again, do not try to match your eye make up with your dress color or else your total face make up may end up as a disaster.



Lips Make up.

Lips Make upIt is another important aspect of face make up as the lips can change the whole look of your face. Begin with applying a lip liner on the edges of your lips. You can play with the shapes if you want… believe me… you should try different shapes to create different look and feel. Use a lip brush to fill in lip color from the lipstick. Take a tissue paper and press lightly on your lips. Then apply a second coat of lip color. This will hold your lip color for long. If you are going for an evening event or any indoor event, you may apply a lip-gloss that adds some extra glow to your lips and make your lips look juicy. Add a little more lip-gloss on your bottom lip to bring out the pout.


10 Best Lip Make up Tips.

  1. Use lip balm 5-10 minutes before applying lipstick to make your lips soft and smooth. Do not forget to blot it off before starting lips make up.
  2. If you are using a deep, bold lip color, you should do rest of the face make up with light shade.
  3. Try to match up your lip shade with your dress if you are wearing a deep, dark colored dress.
  4. If you have thin lips, try to avoid too dark shades.
  5. Do not use light shades of brown or orange if you have fairer skin. Those may make your teethe look yellow.
  6. For a fuller lip create 2 lip lines…a lighter one at the top that matches your skin tone and another, a bit darker after that.
  7. Use darker lip liner if you are using a too bright color.
  8. Try to use lip liner after applying lip color. This may be hard but it helps conceal the crossovers of lipstick.
  9. Do not forget to use tissue paper or blotting paper before using lip-gloss.
  10. Use translucent powder to create a thin layer on your lips to help your lips-color stay longer.



How to Apply Blush.

How to Apply BlushIt is an optional step in face make up and you can do it if you want to have a look of a girl with fuller cheeks.

Pick the basic shades or red… a rosy pink or reddish-brown color works best for fairer skin tones. The blush color should mix well with your rest of the make ups, mainly with the foundation or it may kill your whole effort. Lightly roll a blush brush on it and then apply on both the cheeks, same position, mainly on cheekbones. You should do with gentle strokes… same numbers of strokes on both the sides. Keep a smile on your face while doing. Do not overdo or try to make a circle as it may pop up your cheekbones. Add a small stroke, lightly on your nose tip. Try to keep it natural looking.



Carry Your Touch-up Kit.

Now, we are done with our face make up and ready to go out and catch all the surrounding eyes. If you going out for long, you should carry a touch-up kit. It should contain the lipstick and lip-gloss, a small tissue paper pack, the compact powder case and a small mirror (normally it is attached with the powder case). Always give your face a quick touch-up if you find it fading or wearing off. If you are sweating, do not apply touch-up, wait till your face gets dry. Do not apply touch-up on your eyes as it may smudge the mascara.



Final Words.

Girls are intuitive and imaginative by instinct… they have their own understandings and choices about fashion. While doing your face make up, you will discover many small tweaks on your own which will make you look and feel better. At first try some minor changes to your face make up and see how the World around you responses and then customize the procedure accordingly. Do not try to copy others in this matter and do not experiment too much. If you are unsure about any application, it is better to avoid that. Remember, you are the Unique by yourself… there is no one like you on this Earth. So,do your Face make up that boosts your confidence. This will improve your public presence for sure and make you the prettiest girl around.



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