Hair Loss Prevention: 10 Proven Ways to Stop Hair Fall in 1 Week

hair loss prevention

Before mastering how to control hair loss, you will have to identify the cause of hair loss. If your hair fall out is a recent phenomenon then it should be easy for you to identify the problem. Whereas, a long-term hair fall problem might need some professional assistance for determining the reason. No matter what the reason is, here are some precious tips for you to deal with hair fall and prevent hair loss.


Are You Suffering from Hair Loss?

Losing up to 100 or fewer hair strands every day is common. If you are well within this number, then you do not have a hair loss problem. However, if you think that you are losing more hair than 100 strands a day, then it is time for you to be a little more aware.

Hair loss prevention will yield the best results if you are aware of the reasons for suffering. Even before going ahead and using preventive measures, you should identify whether you have a hair loss problem or not.


Identify the Reason.

For hair loss prevention, you will have to identify and pinpoint the exact problem.  The simplest way of determining the problem at home is to hold a small bunch of 30-35 hair strands between your thumb and index finger. Then give it a firm tug and see how many strands have come off naturally. If the number is 6 or more, then you start hair loss remedies immediately.

Sometimes the problem is more significant like heredity, post-pregnancy hair loss, some severe illness, acute scalp infection, etc. At other times, the problem is caused by your unawareness, and you can efficiently resolve with a little more attention and care. Let us consider some of these solvable problems.


Hair Loss PREVENTION: 10 Best Ways.

Hair Fall Prevention


  1. Care for your Hair.

Caring for your hair would include keeping it clean and tangle free at all times. You should also be careful not to let your hair get exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Do not use hair driers frequently. Alternatively, try to towel dry your hair. Hair curlers, hair straighteners, and other chemical treatments are also harmful to your hair. Keep your hair, scalp clean, and dandruff free.

Taking a hair massage and hair spa is good for hair rejuvenation.


  1. Use the Right Shampoo.

Shampoo for Hair fall

Often women use shampoo for its fragrance. That is not the right reason to choose a bottle of shampoo. Of course, you want your hair to smell good, but not at the cost of your hair’s quality.

If you are not aware of your hair type, then you could visit a dermatologist to determine your scalp condition and choose the most effective shampoo for yourself.

Do not choose protein-enriched shampoos or the ones that promise to control your hair fall. The primary purpose of shampoo is to clean your scalp and hair, and that is the only thing that it can do.

Choose something that suits your hair type and is mild or herbal, especially if you are someone who shampoos on a regular basis. Also, make sure that you de-tangle your hair before going for a wash.

Towel-dry your hair and wait until it is dry before using a brush or comb. Wet hair is brittle and upon combing, might cause extra hair loss.


  1. Eat the Right Food.

Your eating habit has a significant impact on hair loss. The trick is to have a balanced diet. Extreme dieting will cut off the required fat and mineral supplies, and unnecessary junk will affect your overall health, which will, in turn, affect your hair.

To keep growing healthy and strong hair you need a diet that has protein, iron, calcium, and vitamin C and H. These four essential elements decide the fate of your hair.

Incorporate food items that have omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, walnuts, tune, etc. in your diet so that you have healthy and shiny hair.


  1. Take Rest for your Hair.

No matter how careful you are about your hair and your diet, if you are not taking rest and sleeping correctly, then you will lose hair. Controlling your stress level is also essential. If you have stress or anxiety problems, try Yoga or meditation. You can also try essential oils for this purpose. Learn here, the best essential oils for anxiety.

Do not think much about your hair; think about relaxing yourself. It could be taking a head massage, reading a book, listening to music or going out with your friends. Do anything that relaxes you and gives you good sleep. It, in turn, will help you with hair loss prevention.

Read this post to learn more about How To Grow Back Hair Loss From Stress.


  1. Hair Products you Use.

To make sure that you do not suffer from hair loss problem, choose your hair products carefully. Identify the right hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, hair cream or any other product that you may wish to use.

To make sure that you have the right product for your scalp type, you could visit a dermatologist to identify your scalp and hair type. Choose your product according to your hair type.

Also, make sure that you use a good quality hairbrush. Do not use a hairbrush that has sharp teeth, which might cause a scratch or cut on the scalp surface, which will lead to hair fall and blockage of pores. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair before using a hairbrush.

You should always keep in mind that tangled and wet hair falls easily.


  1. Give your Hair the Importance it Deserves.

Taking care of your hair and making it feel important does not mean over-styling it or coloring or bleaching it. In fact, if you want a healthy lock, then you should be avoiding hair color and bleach.

For hair loss prevention, you should avoid your salon or parlor as much as you can. Trimming your hair occasionally or getting a fancy haircut is not harmful but using harsh chemicals will destroy your hair structure and the skin quality of your scalp.


  1. Take Hair Massage.

Though it may sound very traditional and orthodox, yet nothing beats a good oil massage.  There is a lot of variety in what hair oil you would want to choose for a scalp massage. Oils that will stimulate hair growth and prevent hair fall are almond oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil, castor oil, lavender oil and if you could bear the smell, mustard oil.

Give a good long massage and leave for an hour before washing it off. Though hair oil is good for a massage, make sure that you wash it off thoroughly. Remnants of hair oil on your scalp will attract dust and block the pores on your scalp. I, in turn, will lead to hair loss..


  1. Follow your Hair Improvement.

massage for hair fall

It is crucial for hair loss prevention. Always make sure that you are aware of the progress that your hair is going through. Ever since you start to make these lifestyle changes and stress relieving exercises, you should maintain a close watch on how your hair is reacting.

If you think that you have a good response and there is a substantial amount of progress in your hair’s condition, then you are on the right track. The development will also encourage you and help you to go ahead with a positive approach.

On the other hand, if you feel that there is no progress on the hair fall situation in spite of your efforts to stay calm and deal with stress, then maybe the problem is somewhere else.

It is always a good idea to consult a dermatologist to deal with the hair fall problem if conventional methods do not prove fruitful.


  1. Choose The Right Hair Treatment.

If you think that your problem is much more severe for a home remedy, and you are not sure how to control hair loss, then you should take up a hair treatment. Start with something mild like taking supplements and vitamin capsules.

Of course, you must consult a dermatologist before taking any pills. If you feel that the problems are still persistent, then go for a thorough health checkup to identify the problem. If supplements and regular hair care fails, then you might have some health concerns like thyroid or anemia that is causing this. Treating that particular health condition will help you to handle the hair loss problem.

In case the hair loss is severe, and the problem is unsolvable, then you could take medicines that prevent hair loss. Again, no drug should be consumed without consulting a doctor.


  1. Hair loss Laser Treatment & Hair Transplant.

Finally, if everything fails, then you could go for a hair transplant or laser treatment. There are many practical and safe ways of going through surgical procedures of hair transplant. Make sure that you attend a reputed clinic, take all the pre, and post-treatment care very seriously.

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Final Words.

To make someone stay with you, you should show that person that you love him, and he is important to you. The same goes for your hair. Make sure that your hair is well-loved and taken care of properly. It is the most significant secret hair loss prevention.


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