If you love infants, children, and early adolescents, then you will love caring for them in a hospital type setting. While deciding for a suitable career, there are many factors you need to consider. The medical profession is very rewarding in countless ways.  Below you will find everything that you need to know about how to become a pediatric nurse.


How To Become A Pediatric Nurse?

Job Responsibilities.

Dealing with Pediatrics.

Providing medical care to newborns and children up to the age of fourteen is basic norm for PNs. There are many branches of medicine, but none of them measure up to pediatric nursing. It requires an individual to get up close and personal with the patient, to pull this profession off superbly. Children need some form of bonding with their primary caregiver to feel comfortable around them and begin the healing process.


Emotional & Medical Support.

Before going to educational requirements, you should familiarize yourself with the other aspects of nursing. Always remember that, when becoming a nurse, you have to commit yourself totally. You may need to put aside your own feelings and wishes while providing care to your young patients. Your obligations must solely be, providing emotional and medical support to the child or adolescent. Never fail to include the mother in all of this, because she is going to be watching your every move.


Children Also Can Feel.

Becoming comfortable working with youngsters is a daunting task. While some individuals have a natural trait of taking care of very young patients, others need a little bit of work. It is a crucial factor that you should consider before you take a step forward for this profession. You will have ample time to adjust to this huge role considering the time you will be going for training. After this, you will learn why and how to become a pediatric nurse.



Education IconPediatric Nurse Education.

The question is how long does it take to become a pediatric nurse? The first step is receiving a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN). It will make you eligible for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN).

Many nurses will tend to earn their Associate’s degree at a local college. It takes approximately two years and then work towards obtaining their Bachelor’s at a later date. You may need to do some research while deciding for an institute. You can also opt for a Bachelor’s degree through an online accredited program. It will allow you to maintain employment while you are attending your classes.

Educational courses that are required to become a working healthcare professional include:

PN Training Courses.
• Anatomy.
• Physiology.
• Chemistry.
• Child Psychology.
• Nutrition.
• Microbiology.

Of course, you need to pass the NCLEX-RN, before you receive your diploma. It is mandatory to get job in a hospital or clinical setting. Then you will need to start learning the responsibilities that go along with it.


Continuing Education.

Most American states require RNs to complete 30 contact hours of continuing education. It is the basic requirement for a license renewal. You need to submit all valid documents to license provider recognized by the state. But always make sure that you check with your state’s Board of Nursing before you apply for a license renewal.



Career IconPediatric Nurse Career.

After becoming an RN, you will have many doors of opportunities opened to you. Not only will you have the option of becoming a pediatric nurse, but oncology, geriatric, and psychiatric nursing opportunities are also available to you. Just take your time to choose a career that will fulfill your every goal and desire. After that you should start working towards earning that degree or license.


Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Job Description.

Most of the PNs deeply fall in love with their profession. The job description is almost as similar to the general nurse practitioner that includes many duties.

Job Description.

• Diagnose and treat acute illnesses and injuries.

• Complete thorough physical examination.

• Administer immunizations accordingly.

• Monitor and manage blood pressure, mental disorders, and diabetes.

• Medication management.

• Depict diagnostic testing (x-rays, ultrasounds), laboratory tests, and EKGs.

• Educate patients and family members.

It is vital that you keep the communication open for other medical professionals so that the patient receives holistic care. Hopefully by this point, you have clear idea of the educational requirements.


SalaryPediatric Nurse Job Salary.

A nurse does not go into the profession because of the monetary value. They are searching for a career that is totally fulfilling and rewarding. You will earn much respect from your patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals. You will have more financial stability and job security, which is crucial to everyone. There is so much to gain from this job. You will always deal with one or another emergency situations or diseases. It will keep your brain functioning sharp and you will learn more as you advance. It will be your opportunity to help others while making a difference in your life and theirs.

Oh wait, it doesn’t mean you will work for free. You will be glad to know that average salary for a PN is $70,000. It is much higher for private hospitals.


Final Words.

As a registered PN, you should know and love the job. You will be working alongside a pediatrician or a primary care physician. Many nurses prefer working in a hospital environment, because it is more controlled and offers more advancement. Again, this is not to say that a clinical or outpatient facility does not provide a good working environment. Take the time to get to know your patients. They depend on your skills and emotional support to begin healing and becoming healthy again.

You must read thoroughly and understand the PN practitioner job description before you step ahead to get this degree. There are more responsibilities that may be a little too much for some individuals. Again, if you set your mind to it, you will become a successful pediatric nurse practitioner.


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