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How To Get Rid of A Mole: The 4 -in-1 Method


Getting moles is somehow common these days. Most of the time it’s found on the neck, back and sometimes on face. So, how to get rid of a mole? The cost of removing moles, warts, skin tags, and beauty marks can vary depending on the procedure that you decide on. The highest flat mole removal cost will be going to a specialist. A specialist can easily cost up to $300 or more per mole.

There is no fixed number involved when dealing with a specialist… doctors makes up their own fee for the procedure in question. The flat mole removal cost using home methods will max out at around $100. There are estimates for flat mole removal costs including the materials needed for each of the different methods listed below in this article.

If you have a mole on your face and you’re not experienced it’s probably best that you go to a specialist. You don’t want to do some serious damage to your face and leave yourself off worse than you originally were with the mole.

How To Get Rid of A Mole: A Complete Guide.

If you want to get rid of a mole you really should do so by a specialist. If you’re too cheap or embarrassed to go the doctor then there’s a few ways you can handle this in the privacy of your home.

We will walk through 4 separate methods step-by-step, 3 of which are methods that you can perform at home.

  1. Method 1 covers going to a specialist to get a mole removed and the procedure. Normally a surgeon or a beautician can help you to get rid of a mole.
  2. Method 2 covers using mole removal creams, which isn’t the cheapest option, but actually does work and is prone to yield better results.
  3. Method 3 covers using household items at very little expense.
  4. Method 4 covers using Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of a mole.

These methods will not only work for mole removal, they’ll also work for skin tag removal, beauty mark removal and wart removal.

Disclaimer: The following methods are based on the experiences of real people. If you happen to decide to do the following, you take full obligation for what you are doing and we will not be held accountable for your actions.

We are not trying to mislead you, but understand that you are not a professional and this isn’t the “medically preferred way” to perform this procedure. Use this information at your own discretion.

Method 1 – Visiting a Specialist to get rid of a Mole.

How To Get Rid of A MoleNow obviously you’ll need to do your own research finding a local specialist who performs a mole removal, skin tag removal or wart removal procedure. The cost will vary, but it’s usually around $300 per mole, skin tag or wart. However, there are exceptions.

If a mole, wart or skin tag can be proven to be possibly cancerous after being examined by a specialist, and you have health insurance, the insurance should cover the majority of the bill as the procedure will be deemed as medical and not cosmetic.

The basic procedure that a specialist will take is usually the following…

4 Steps To Follow..

  1. Inserting a needle in the center of the mole and injecting a numbing agent (usually Novocaine) to numb the area.
  2. After the area containing the mole has become numb, a scalpel is then used to excise the mole out of the area.
  3. After the mole has been extracted, the specialist may use a laser to clean up what has left or may have been missed with the scalpel.
  4. Depending on how deep the excision was; in certain cases, stitches may be required for the excised area to stop the bleeding.

After the procedure is performed, if the mole is questionable (as to whether it may be cancerous) it is shipped off to a lab for a biopsy to determine whether it is actually cancerous or not.

This procedure, even when performed by a specialist can leave you scarred or with a keloid but you’ll get rid of a mole. After the procedure is completed be sure to take good care of the area as it’s healing. There is more information below (in the other mole removal methods) in this article describing how to care for your excised area.

Method 2 – Using Mole removal creams to get rid of a Mole.

Mole removal cream is a medicated skincare cream that uses natural ingredients to remove warts, skin tags and moles. There are many crap/scam products out there that are completely useless and will do nothing besides burn a hole in your wallet.

So decide your mole removal cream carefully… read about ingredients, warning, and consumer reviews. These stuffs actually work; but do not for extreme cheap options! If you are going to remove a mole without going to a specialist, Mole removal cream is definitely the way to go.

How to get rid of a mole with Mole removal creams?

Day 1…

  1. Cleanse The Area… Take the Hydrogen Peroxide (Antiseptic) and wipe the target area.
  1. Scraping… Take your nail file and scrape the mole that you want to remove. The idea is not to scrape the mole off, but to remove the first layer of the mole on skin. DO NOT scrape the mole so much that it begins bleeding, tend to it lightly for 30-60 seconds and then stop.

Day 2…

  1. Cleanse… Take the Hydrogen Peroxide (Antiseptic) and wipe the target area, like you did in Day 1.
  1. Scraping… This step should be done as you did in Day1.
  1. Cleanse the area with the Hydrogen Peroxide again.
  2. Apply Cream… After you are finished scraping, take the lube of mole removal cream and place just enough on your index finger that will fill up the area of the mole. Place the mole removal cream on the mole with your finger and make sure you cover the mole completely. If any of the cream gets on your skin outside of the mole area, use the Q-tips Cotton Swabs to clean up that area.
  1. Cleanse Surrounding Area… Keep in mind that it’s not like these mole removal cream is pure acid but it will burn your skin off on contact. You’ll have a minute or so before it actually starts penetrating the skin/pours.


If you leave it on your normal skin, your normal skin will burn, possibly even blister/scar! It’s crucial that you clean the area surrounding the mole. Don’t let the cream sit on your normal skin for an extended period of time.

  1. Cleanse Hands… After you’re done covering the mole, wash your hands to remove the mole removal cream from your fingers.
  1. Letting the Cream Work… We’ll now have to wait 20-30 minutes for the mole removal cream to do its job. If 15 minutes have past and you’re not feeling any sort of burning whatsoever, you didn’t scrape the mole thoroughly enough. If this is the case, wash the cream off your skin, and retry this procedure the following day.
  2. If you’ve yet to reach 30 minutes and the burning sensation is extreme, immediately wash the cream off of your skin. You’ll know when the sensation getting too strong, and that’s a clear sign that it’s time for the cream to come off before it does permanent damage to your skin.

Don’t panic or worry thinking you may have burned yourself, because you more than likely haven’t. This is the expected behavior, but DO NOT let an extreme burning sensation sit on your skin for over a minute! Feeling a mild burning sensation is good, the cream is doing its job, leave it be (let it work), but when the sensation becomes highly intense and/or you hit the 30 minute mark, remove it from your skin. You can simply use cold water to remove the cream from your skin.

  1. Cleanse The area with Hydrogen Peroxide again.
  2. Examine The Area… You’ll notice the area of the mole looks blistered/frosted. This is good and expected.
  1. Protect The Area… Open one of your BAND-AID Clear Spots and put a drop of Neosporin in the middle of bandage. Then place the middle of the bandage directly over the area where your mole was. You should repeat this part of process every day until the area has fully healed.

Day 3…

You’ll notice the next day that a scab has either started to or already formed over the area where the mole once was. This part is really important to the whole healing process… DO NOT PICK OR RIP THE SCAB OFF! No matter how ugly it looks, how much you hate it, I am telling you: DON’T DO IT! If you prematurely rip that scab off, you’re going to wind up with a scar and/or keloid where the mole once was.

It’ll look worse than the mole did; please don’t find out the hard way. Try your best to keep the scab on/intact and let it fully heal on its own. Avoid it coming off at all costs! The longer it stays on the better the area will heal/look. You’re sacrificing a few weeks for this area that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. Make the logical decision!

Method 3 – Using Excision to get rid of a Mole.

get rid of a mole with a scalpelThis method involves you using a scalpel to remove a mole manually. It’s not recommended that you perform this procedure if you don’t know what you’re doing! You could leave yourself with scarring or an infection, which is something that you definitely don’t want to happen.

Be extremely careful if you decide to go this route! Take your time, sterilize everything, and most of all be extremely cautious!

How to get rid of a mole with a Scalpel.

Day 1 and Day 2…

Follow the same Day 1 and Day 2 steps from Method 2 to prepare the moles ready for the process.

Day 3…
  1. Examine The Area… By this time the area should’ve scabbed up, if it hasn’t wait another day before performing the following.
  1. Cleanse the area with the Hydrogen Peroxide.
  2. Excision… Take your Disposable Scalpel and remove the scab. Yes, I said remove the scab. After removing the scab make sure you have a tissue handy, as the bleeding should be minor, but you’ll need to dab at the wound so it doesn’t fill with blood. Once the scab is removed, make sure you remove any parts of the wound that still contain fragments of the mole that you may have missed the previous day with your Disposable Scalpel.
  1. Stop The Bleeding… Hold a tissue over the area you just performed the excision on until the bleeding ceases.
  1. Cleanse the area again.
  2. Protect The Area… Open one of your BAND-AID Clear Spots and put a drop of Neosporin in the middle of bandage. Then place the middle of the bandage directly over the area where your mole was. You should repeat this part of process every day until the area has fully healed.

Method 4 – Using Natural Remedies.

This method described how to get rid of a mole with Apple Cider Vinegar, which I’ll explain in my next article.

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  1. There are also home remedies which are very effective in mole removal. All you have to do is apply pine apple juice. This has helped me to get rid of mole on my face.

  2. I really like the suggestion here for going to a specialist to have your mole removed. I’ve seen a lot of home remedies that people suggest, but I’m just not brave enough to try them. I guess I feel like going to a professional is probably the safest thing to do, with the least potential problems. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I had no idea that there were home methods to remove a mole. I always thought that a mole could only be removed by a dermatologist. I do remember doing an at home wart removal with some type of poison, I wonder if the home processes of mole removal are similar to wart removal.

  4. Very informative article! Removing moles with cream is an effective and painless procedure. It remove the moles permanently and no scar left behind. Thanks for sharing.


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