14 Ways To Get Rid of A Sunburn : The Moments when Sunscreens Failed

How To get rid of a Sunburn

The right amount of sun exposure might be beneficial for skin and health. However, overexposure can cause sunburn, wrinkles, dryness, spots, and even skin cancer. We should not ignore this information and start to follow the steps to protect ourselves from being overexposed to the sun. Here I have shared a few ideas to get rid of a sunburnt face.


What’s Good for Sunburn: 14 Simple Life Hacks.



Find The Right Sunscreen for you.

Make sure that you apply a sunscreen lotion or sunburn cream minimum 30 minutes before you go into the sunlight, then re-apply it every 6 hours. For humid conditions where you sweat a lot, you may need to repeat every 2 to 3 hours. The same applies for rainy seasons as well. It does not matter what month you are outdoors or how hot it is outside; you still need to wear sunscreens.

You will surprise to know that even in the winter season, the intensity of the harmful rays remains same.

How To Decide Right SPF?

You might know that the SPF stands for the number of minutes you can be in the sunlight before being burnt. Therefore, you should choose your protection wisely. It depends on the outdoor activity that you are going to do.

The lowest SPF should be of 15 as it will give you 93% protection. Here you must keep in mind that wearing sun cream alone might not be enough. In a recent research conducted in the UK confirmed that people wearing sun cream alone might not be sufficient because the layer of protection provided by it may be penetrated.

It also recommends that people should take extra care by wearing sunglasses, hats (baseball cap) to provide protection for their face.


Do not forget about your lips! They need protection from UV rays of sun too. So, make sure to choose a lip balm that has sun protection in it.


It is important to understand that the UV rays are more intense between 10 AM and 3 PM. Therefore, try to stay inside the home or under a shade during this time.


Concrete, sand, and snow intensify the sunray. So, spend as little time there as possible at such places. It is also true when you are in the water as well. If you are planning for a beach tour, you must have a good sunscreen lotion with higher SPF in your kit. Even you can look for a waterproof one.

If you already have burnt screen, you must opt for a sunburn cream.



Right Clothes To Protect Yourself from Sun.

Wear cotton-made clothes that are thick and tightly woven so that you do not get sunburn. Wet clothing will also intensify the absorption of UV rays. So try to wear quick-dry materials whenever possible.

Avoid wearing clothes that are very light because rays can penetrate through thin clothing. Woolen clothes are right for the winter season, not only for cold but also for sun protection.


6 Wear a hat that has a brim on it. While baseball caps may be more stylish but they will expose your neck to the sunlight.



Wear a protective pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. It also helps to get rid of black circles around your eyes.
how to get rid of a sunburn



Accessories to Carry while going under Sun.

Whenever possible, you should stay in the shade and out of the sun. When you go to the beach, make sure that you bring a beach umbrella with you.


While exfoliating products are good for some parts of your body, they should not be used on your face as they can tear your skin. If this happens and you then go out into the sun, you may have an uneven tan due to sunburn.


During the summer, use cleansers and moisturizers that contain alpha-hydroxy acids. These will gently exfoliate your face while also improving both your skin’s texture and tone.


If your face feels too greasy in the heat, then use an oil-free moisturizer.


You should keep a family sun protection kit in your car just in case you choose to be in the sunray on the spare of a moment. Include sunscreen, lip balm with sunburn protection in it, hats with wide brims and sunglasses for every member of your family.

Merchants even make sunglasses for babies now, so be sure to buy one if you have a baby.

Learn about baby beach gears you must need for an wonderful beach trip.



Foods to Getting Rid of Sunburn.

Make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day.  Do you know, Water can even make your brain think faster?


A recent study carried out by researchers at a reputable university in the US that found drinking tea could significantly reduce the chances of getting certain skin cancers due to sunburn.So, try to have at least a cup of tea daily to keep your skin strong enough to fight against UV rays of the sun.


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