For your makeup brushes to give you outstanding results for a long time, you have to take good care of them. Here are tips on how you can take good care of Make Up Brushes.


Taking Care of Make Up Brushes.

Wash Them Regularly.

If using dry products, such as bronzer or powder foundation, you should clean the brush once a week using a moisturizing soap. If you are ready to invest little more, you can buy shampoo and use it instead.

To take care of make up brushes properly, you should start by rinsing in water and then swirl in the soap so that they can lather up. You should clean rub them until they are thoroughly cleaned. For ideal results, do it like that you are massaging your hair with shampoo. This will protect your brush edges.

If you use liquid or cream products such as gloss, liquid foundation, concealer and gel insert, you must clean the make-up brush daily. It is good to clean it after every use as the foundation get dry. To get best out of it you should use an alcohol-based cleaner.

After cleaning the brushes, you should properly dry. As a rule, you should ensure that you first rinse all excess water and let dry brush flat. You should never let it dry in an upright position. You should also never leave it near a heater to dry. This is to prevent the adhesive from detaching.

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Store Your Make Up Brushes Properly.

Pro make up brushes take a long time to dry and so you need to store them properly. This also ensures to keep them hygienically clean. Here to remember, if a make-up brush is not clean enough you should keep away from make-up. Our facial skin is very sensitive and elegant. A dirty or unhygienic brush may cause infections of the skin.

To keep them dry and prevent dust from building up, you should keep in case or bag. The cool thing is that most of make up brushes are sold in a special case, which is specially designed for them. If you do not have a case, you should consider using glasses case.

When storing your favorite brushes, bear in mind to keep them in flat or vertical position. This is to ensure that they maintain their original shape.



These are tips on how to take care of make up brushes. Be aware that the bristles are made of different materials. To prevent destruction of bristles always read the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you like to use lipstick, always clean makeup brushes immediately after use as plasticizers in lip color tend to make them sticky and difficult to use. As a rule, you should never share your makeup brush. This is to ensure the prevention of the spread of acne and other skin problems.


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