Beauty Tips Top 7 Natural Beauty Tips for Face: Pick the...

Top 7 Natural Beauty Tips for Face: Pick the Best for You


Natural Beauty Tips for Face.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful. Make-up can help you with that. Cosmetics are a multi-billion dollar market, and this is because most women worldwide use Makeup to enhance their looks as well as their self-esteem. You might have followed several natural beauty tips for face before but did not get the satisfactory results. Then you have come to right place.

Some women prefer their natural beauty than Make-up. With its natural beauty, there is no need for make-up and accessories because beauty comes from inside. You will agree with me that a naturally glowing face always catches more eyes. It is not bad to add some beauty touches to make your face more attractive.

The following are the top 7 natural beauty tips for face that will help you add a touch of youth to your everyday skin.


Top 7 Beauty Tips.

1. Before using any Makeup on your face, wash your face with a good moisturizing soap. Also, be sure to add moisturizer as well. Allow it to dry completely before you add any make-up.

2. Keep your skin healthy by drinking lots of water and eat the right foods, such as vegetables, fruits and other foods high in vitamins and minerals. Drink lots of water on a daily basis. Normally eight glasses a day is recommended for healthy skin. Water hydrates the skin and flushes toxins from the body. Adherence to this strict water regime, you are on your way to having beautiful skin naturally. It keeps your skin glowing and shining. Learn the unknown benefits of water.

3. Make sure that you choose Make-up that goes well with your face skin type. As example, anyone with brown hair and darker skin should choose lighter shades of Make-up.

4. Add the romantic touch on your eyes using the dark shade in the corners of your beautiful eyes. Just make sure that it matches well with your face shape, skin color, clothes and jewelry for the best results.

5. Thicken lashes with eyelash curler and then apply two coats of mascara later. Always wear waterproof mascara to prevent smudging.

6. Watch what you eat.

Food plays a significant role, with the way you look and feel. Essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients support cell renewal, and in the long run, will give your facial skin that amazing outer glow. Also, be sure to cut down on foods containing fat and eat a lot of foods that are high in protein. Protein builds muscle mass and ensures a lean, healthy body with a beautiful, attractive face. Include apples in your diet as it provides essential vitamins and fibers. Eat fish such as salmon, for omega 3 fatty acids, which enhance the immune system and burn fat.

7. Prepare and maintain a regular exercise plan in your life. Whether you run, walk, swim or do aerobics, exercise helps burn fat and keeps your body fit and healthy. Exercise keeps your heart healthy and promotes good blood circulation necessary for glowing, healthy and naturally beautiful skin.



Which One is Best for Eyelash: Mascara, Enhancer or Extensions?


The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

Every woman wants her eyes to be dreamy, catchy and appealing. For several years now, scientists have developed several cosmetic products like mascara, eye extensions, and eyelash enhancers. These have become famous among the women of modern era. You may have seen there are several products on the market for every segment. I always prefer to use the branded ones, as those work as described but you should know the right way of using those. Here are some more natural beauty tips for face. Learn how to make-up your eyes to enhance your natural beauty.


Eyelash Extensions.

One of the most common ways of getting thicker eyelashes today is wearing eyelash extensions. It is also one of the most expensive. The price is ranges from $10 to $300. Those that are inexpensive, they tend to fall out of their natural eyelashes pulling hair with it. Eyelash extensions, when done with high-quality extensions can look magnificent, but the price is a barrier for most women today.


Eyelash Mascara.

Another very popular product that almost every woman uses is eyelash mascara. Besides, like all cosmetic products, there are good, and there are bad ones. It does a pretty good job creating the illusion of longer and thicker eyelashes but this is short lived as it starts getting clumped up. These are cheaper than extensions, and make your lashes look great. Regardless of the high-end or low-end, you can use these regularly if you have slow growth of your natural eyelashes.


Eyelash Enhancer

Latest addition to the facial make-up is eyelash enhancer. These products are formulas that condition your lashes. This nourishment causes the growth and density. These conditioners are mixtures of natural moisturizers; those are prescribed to apply only once a day. It is a very simple process and is safe. However, it is long-term process. These products have become very popular in the last few years because people actually see the results. Most women see great results in the first month of use.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Please comment your suggestion, advice or query.

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