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Top 3 High Paying Part Time Jobs For High School Students


Have you just completed your first year in high school and ready to have a great & pleasant summer with your beloved ones? First, you need to get around to a necessary task that is finding great part time jobs for high school students.

It will help you to start saving up for a car, new clothing and all the other goodies you need. Getting into a good post nowadays; particularly in this highly competitive work environment can be a challenging task.

Well, do not get hopeless. Today I am going to show you three places where getting a job is much easier. Besides, you will surely enjoy doing those.

However, you may need to find hard enough for a high paying summer jobs for highschool students. But it is not impossible if you know where to search.


Best Part Time Jobs for Highschool Students.


Show Them Movies.

One of the more popular summer jobs for students these days is working in a cinema hall. It is a very exciting assignment at movie theaters as you can enjoy your favorite movies for free.

Again, you can find boys/girls of your age to make friends and enjoy some memorable moments. You might be thinking, where to start to get the appointment. Just visit your local cinema halls, talk to them, and explain what best you can do, at your level.

Most of the theaters have vacancies for various posts, especially during the summer vacations as the rush become very high during this period.

There are two posts you can look for as a student. You can work in the ticket booth, selling tickets. Or you can become a ticket checker who helps the audience get their right seat.

Most of the teens pick the second option simply because they do not like to stay confined inside a small room of the ticket booth. Secondly, as a ticket checker, you can socialize with people coming to the movie theater and make new friends.

It is a relatively lower salary job but the hours are flexible enough for you to work part time. Moreover, getting an appointment is much easier.


The Summer Resort Job.

Part Time Jobs For High School Students
If you love to meet people from all over the world and want to get paid for it, the best place is a summer resort.

You may know that the seasonal resorts always have vacancies for several functional posts. They need people to take care of various small operations. These spots have very flexible working hours, besides they pay very well.

It is a very exciting position where you can just enjoy being in a pleasant environment. You can use most of the premium facilities of the resort for free. Some resorts charge a minimal price during free hours.

It is observed that teenagers who once enjoyed this life, most of the cases they pick this as their future career option. The highest paying and the easiest part-time jobs for the highschool students at a holiday resort is being a bellboy.

Bellboys may have lower salary structure, but they can make around $100 a day in tips if they are cheerful and mix well with the customers. People visit those resorts to enjoy and to have a break from their busy life.

A smiling face, timely service and nice talk can simply win their heart.

When I was at my teenage, I worked at a summer resort once. It was a great experience, which I remember until now.

I enjoyed meeting new people and making friends with them. During that work, I made friends that lasted for many years later.


The Sports Lover.

Another fun filled summer job for students is working at the professional sports stadium. Think, you will be a staff of the stadium where your favorite sports teams play at. It would be a thrilling event when you will watch your favorite sports team playing the game.

Even you can get closer to them and talk to them. Most interestingly, you can have this privilege without paying for anything. Besides, you can meet the fans of the team, cheer with them while watching your favorite team win.

However, in this position, you may need to stay all the time outdoors. Average starting salary for these types of appointments is around $10 to $15 per hour though it varies from organization to organization and the working schedules.

If you enjoy being outdoors, it is the best job for you.

As an example, if you work in a baseball game stadium, there may be more working days whereas, for games like NFL, you may need to work on weekends only. Do not forget to inform the authority about your availability time and day, if any, in advance.


Final Words.

I am sure you will agree with me that part time jobs should be entertaining, enjoyable, and earn us a good amount of money. We do not want to kill our vacation with a tedious work. Now you know the top 3 high paying part-time jobs for the high school students… you may look for the other posts based on your interest.

As an example, if you love cooking or serving, you can join a restaurant or a coffee shop. Again, anyone with interest in electrical devices can opt for a position in any gadget showroom or mall.

Here you should remember, before applying for any job you must inquire about that the Government rules for working at your age. For some positions you may need to apply for work permits. Also, inquire if there is any specific working hour per week limit.



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