Health Stress and Hair Loss : How To Grow Back...

Stress and Hair Loss : How To Grow Back Hair Loss From Mental Tension


Stress and Hair Loss is ubiquitous for both men and women. Both the genders are prone to lose hair because of their stress levels. Medically this condition is called telogen effluvium. Other than hair loss, mental tension also has other adverse effects on your health.

Though it could be easy to identify the source of stress, it is difficult to deal with it. If the problem were so easy to solve, then you wouldn’t be stressed about it in the first place. Therefore, trying to solve the problem overnight is not an option. So before we proceed, it is to keep in mind that we need to be patient and control the tension slowly.

How To Stop Stress and Hair Loss.

Identify the Cause of Stress.

Can stress cause hair loss? The answer is ‘Yes’.

As I mentioned above, the issue may not be solved that quickly, still identifying it will help you to cope with your stress level. At times, the cause of stress is so grave that the only option is to wait it out.

How To Stop Stress and Hair Loss

There might be several reasons for increasing stress. The most common cases are related to Study, career, love, family, finance and health issues. Or there might be other instances where you could only leave it on time. Believe me, time cures everything, and it’ll gradually improve your mental condition.

However, it is not a wise idea to let the stress affect your health. In such a scenario, you could visit a doctor or a counselor, discuss your problem, and get proper assistance. They may prescribe anti-depressants, supplements, and mild sleeping tablets to control the situation.

Do not take anti-depressants more than the dose and during prescribed. You may build a habit of consuming these medicines which will worsen the condition.

If your stress is related to your work, finance, or family, then try to find a solution while keeping yourself as detached as you can. One of the best ways to deal with stress is to talk it out.

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If you have a friend with whom you could discuss personal problems, then make sure you do it. You might not get a solution, but it will help you to reduce your stress level.

Ways To Release Stress.

Stress and hair loss treatment

Stress and hair loss are closely related. Therefore, to prevent hair loss, you should try to find out various ways of relieving your mental tension. Here are some excellent ideas.

  • Pick up a hobby. Do something that you always wanted to do.
  • Visit a health spa and get a scalp massage.
  • Spend quality time with your friends and family.
  • Take a vacation.
  • Write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal.
  • Join a gym and work out.

These are just some of the ways to deal with your stress levels. You could incorporate and do anything that makes you feel good and happy. Just like hair loss from stress are related, happiness and hair growth are also connected.

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Spend Time with your Hair.

Though stress and hair loss go hand-in-hand, do not let it affect you. The damage that stress will cause to your hair could be taken care of by spending some quality time with your hair.

  1. Oil your hair every week.
  2. Get a hair massage occasionally.
  3. Get a new haircut and change your look.
  4. Be gentle with your hair when you dry it with the towel.
  5. Do not use harsh chemicals or colors.
  6. Do not use hair curling machines or hot irons.
  7. Give your hair a day of its own, get a comfortable hair spa.

All this should help you to deal with the problem of hair fall and get you a new look along with healthy and shiny hair.

Stress is not just a reason to worry about hair fall alone; it also affects your physical and mental health. Do not let anything or anyone hold you down, be positive at all times and say goodbye to both stress and hair loss.


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Stress and Hair Loss : How To Grow Back Hair Loss From Mental Tension

Stress and Hair Loss is ubiquitous for both men and women. Both the genders are prone to...

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