Parenting 5 Ways to Overcome Toilet Training Resistance: Potty Training...

5 Ways to Overcome Toilet Training Resistance: Potty Training for Kids


Imparting toilet training to their little ones is an onerous task for most parents. They spend countless hours trying to get their child to understand the importance of not having an accident. These facts notwithstanding… it is not that difficult to potty train toddler (s) as long as you make it a fun and interactive experience.


Understanding The Psyche.

Sometimes, it is important cede control and make your little ones feel important enough to handle this process on their own. This of course, takes time, patience and plenty of poignant observation. Make sure that you start slow and understand your toddler’s comfort level.

The first thing to consider is that one should not commence potty training until your child is ready for it. Although most children are prepared for this training between the age of two and three, others might take a bit longer. Don’t pressurize your little one into anything they’re not comfortable with. That could prove to be counterproductive in your efforts to combat new baby toilet training regression symptoms.


Toilet Training Resistance… 5 Simple Ways.

  1. Involve your Kids.

You can implement it easily because it would make the process enjoyable for your baby. It will also help eliminating the usual hassles thrown back at you.

A good way to start off toilet training is to arouse your little one’s curiosity. In this context, it would be best to involve them in the buying process so that they feel important and cherish. Play with them, give them ‘feelers’ and ask how they feel about buying their own stuff.

If you meet with resistance, don’t give up yet. You can overcome the impasse with your kid by equipping yourself with pertinent information from books and the internet. You can also contact other experienced parents who’ve been there in the past.


  1. Find a Right Time and Place.

The next obvious step is to find the right time to start potty training. A good idea would be to do in when your child is in a good mood. Try engaging them into an exciting discussion and allure them to the chair. Use the story telling method, if needed which would divert their attention to your words rather than their position. You may also want to learn when to start nighttime toilet training.

Once they’re seated on the potty seat for them, position the chair in a room where they enjoy spending time. Keep the baby wipes ready with you. Keep observing how they are doing, without catching his/her attention. The kitchen is often a good place because it facilitates easy supervision even while you multitask.


  1. Have Patience.

Don’t be disheartened if you’re confronted with staunch resistance during the initial stages. The first attempt is rarely a successful one; therefore, exercise patience. Refrain from using harsh, angry words to your little baby as it could scare them off. Gently remind them they are now grown-ups, who use potty every day.
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  1. Incentivize Them.

One of the best methods in potty training is to incentivize. Tell them that they would get cookies, chocolates, or ice cream each time they use the potty chair. At the same time, encourage them to drink plenty of juices, while promising toys/candies, etc. Eventually, nature would force them to expel. Use this opportunity to make them sit on the potty chair repeatedly.


  1. Use Affirmative Words.

Always praise kids generously each time they use the potty. Use positive, encouraging words like ‘well-done’, ‘great’, ‘getting there’, etc. to encourage your baby. Similarly, refrain from showing anger even when your toddler fails to comply. There are bound to be testing times but you need to see them through with patience.


Final Thoughts.

Toilet Training a toddler is a major challenge for most parents. It may take several days or months for your child to be trained. Do remember though, that the time and efforts you invest now would not go waste as long as you’re consistent and persistent. It would not be long before the child does not even need your instructions to use the potty chair.

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