Uncategorized Top 10 Color Therapy Secrets: Lead an Wonderful Life

Top 10 Color Therapy Secrets: Lead an Wonderful Life


The color therapy is one that is concerned with the effects of colors on emotions, moods, and performance. Color is pervasive in our world, very much effective on the impression building, and helps drive the emotion of a person. Color is so profound, that it instantly drives our daily decisions.

We always find a pale green color calms our eyes while a bright emerald makes a person aggressive. Why does the cherry red increase our inner passion and the burgundy color is influences overall sophistication? We never notice but colors have very high effect on our daily decisions, our health, our lifestyle, our mood and our interaction with other people.

Therefore, we should learn in details the effects of each color on us before choosing one. Though the meaning of colors can vary according to culture, the general connotation of colors can be decoded into a small handful of meanings. Today I am going to reveal the top color therapy secrets, which you can use to be more attractive and be in the spotlight.

Color Therapy Secrets Revealed.

Color Therapy Secrets


Red Color Therapy.

A Red color can be intense, it can be bold, and it can be passionate. Red quickens the heartbeat and it catches anyone’s eyes very easily. While choosing any color red influences us very fast as it is straightforward . We often pick it as the primary color of our dresses.

However, if your dress objective is to catch others eyes, red is an ideal color. For some, a specific red brings anger and frustration, while in others it brings a passion. Colors also play a big role in how you respond to them. I have had a personal experience with this.

Occasionally I used to visit a little diner around the road corner from my house. Every after a few minutes, I started feeling jittery and disturbed … without any reason. Then it hit me, I was responding to the Diner color, which was completely covered with bright red fire engine color. Everything from Wall to table and the booth was colored red. Anyone can react differently, but this was a good learning for me. For the next of my life, I never use fire engine red to paint anything of my house.

  • Red is related with love and romance and is often used in related designs. The combination of yellow and red can be seen as hot and blazing, but sometimes looks very cheap.
  • A blue and red combination is the most passionate of the red family and most skin types can wear this without any issue.
  • Burgundy is seen as the sophisticated one but some feel it outdated.
  • It is advisable to use red as an accent color in most cases.
  • Most used red is deep red because of its eye-catching nature.
Color Therapy Color Meaning

Pink Color.

When designing custom dress, it is significant to keep in mind the femininity of rose colors. Pink is generally associated with romance, love, and marriage. It represents a feminine figure, secret but in easy state. It is most commonly used on dresses that are related to feminine ideals and matters.

Purple Color Therapy.

This color speaks about the Royal feelings. Purple also evokes opulence and prosperity. Moreover, this color is very uncommon in nature, so it can evoke the feelings of being artificial. Purple is often used as a spiritual, sensual, and sophisticated color. It is trendy in most cases and, if not used carefully, ultra feminine.

Conversely, a deep purple can be used to replace gray, black, or brown as a neutral shade that maintains a slight punch of color. Religious dress utilizes purple for its spirituality while athletic teams use it for its bright neutrality.

Blue Color.

Blue is one of the most luxuriate colors. Science has proven that the color stimulates a specific part of the brain that releases mood-building chemicals. Be careful, for some a deep blue color can also be cold and depressing color.The color blue is collective and ubiquitous.

It is, on a whole, the least complicated color to work with. When designing custom dress, navy blue is one of the most requested shirt colors because of its neutrality. Peaceful, trusting, cool, dependability, and care are all words that are related to the color blue. Therefore, most designers use it to imply that a company is dependable and trusting. When in doubt while designing a dress, it is advisable to choose a shade of blue.

  • Aqua is young and hip
  • Pastel is soothing and serene
  • Navy is trusting and loyal
  • Electric is trendy and fun.
  • Companies such as banks and large corporations often choose blue because of its universal appeal. Big companies often use blue color logo to improve the trust factor.

Yellow Color Therapy.

This color is always considered as one of the optimistic colors. When used raw yellow color, it is also the most difficult color for the human eye to look at. It is seen people to lose their temper more in bright yellow rooms. However, it can also improve concentration. Yellow, in most cases, can be seen as cheerful and uplifting. There are varieties of yellows, from bronze to bumblebee and vibrant.

  • Unless it is a heavily saturated yellow, golden colors relate to optimism, nature, and summer.
  • A bright, saturated yellow can be seen as hazardous and even a sign of warning.
  • Pastel yellows are inoffensive but childish.
  • Wear a yellow dress when you visit any reunion or party because of its striking, but stimulating effect.

Orange Color.

Energetic, exciting, and edgy, orange is one of the trickiest colors to work with. Though seen as attention-grabbing, deep orange is also perceived as the most unappealing color for the eyes. It also influences aggressive activity, but the effect is less intense than red. A golden-colored orange that is commonly used by sports dress sellers. They prefer a combination of orange and black.

Orange should be used sparingly on the design of the dress and rarely should it be used as complete dress color because of its negative connotations.

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Green Color.

One of the universal colors, different shades of green denotes a variety of meanings. However, most shades of green are the most pleasant to the human eye. The green is the symbol of nature and fertility.

  • Pale green relates to calming and refreshing.
  • Emerald green signifies richness and wealth.
  • Lime green symbolizes youth energy and good nature.
  • Yellow-green is most popular in Asian cultures. It represents the increase of wealth.
  • The deep green is considered as the most neutral colors to use for text, as it is attractive but not so hard on eyes.
  • Even it is said that the deep green color has power improve your vision.

 Brown Color Therapy.

Masculine, natural, and warm, brown is a open-minded color. It often depicts spontaneity with simplicity because of its profusion in nature. Deep browns are rich, caramel colors are warm, and sand color is lenient.

When designing custom dresses, many customers use brown when designing family-style events because of its deluxe, in-house feel.

Black, Gray, and White.

These three colors represent highs, lows, and everything in between. White, in Western culture, is seen as pure, innocent, and unique. Black, in most cultures, is modern, severe, elegant, sorrowful, and mysterious all at once. Because of its multitude of meanings, black, paired with the correct design, can denote many things.

As example, a dress with a skull and cross bones on black is seen as edgy and severe. Yet, a shirt with modern lines and spacious text can be seen as modern. Additionally, you can use grey to soften black and often used to maintain the grace and formality of black.

Final Words.

By now I hope you have understood the inside meaning and effects of a color on human therapy. Use the colors wisely for your dress, home and business to improve overall functionality.

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