What to Eat After Colonoscopy? Post Colonoscopy Diet Instructions

What to Eat After Colonoscopy

Are you suffering from long-term gastrointestinal problems? Have your doctor suggested you undergo a colon cleaning process? In either case, have you already undergone the process? At this physical condition, you must have certain food restrictions to fasten your recovery. Do you know what to eat after colonoscopy? Continue reading.

What is Colonoscopy?

It is a medical process to examine the inner lining of the colon. It helps to diagnose various gastrointestinal abnormalities such as inflammation, ulcer, polyps, and colon cancer. The patients should maintain certain food restrictions before and after colonoscopy. It may take few weeks before you can get back to your old eating habits and schedules.


What to Eat After colonoscopy?

Easy to Digest Foods.

You must eat only easy to digest, light foods after the process. Patients should not eat complex meals to avoid food intolerance. There may be severe vomiting and nausea if you ignore and take heavy meals. Some may say it is due to the sedative medicines prescribed to them. Yes, every sedative medicine has nausea and vomiting side effects, and over-fullness of the bowl can increase the occurrence of those side effects. Again, vomiting creates pressure on the colon, which further can affect the condition of the colon, and patients may feel pain inside. Light foods like vegetable soups, fruit juices are good for them.

You may still think what to eat after colonoscopy as you might have any particular query. As I explained earlier, you must take light foods to avoid further complications. Doctors recommend taking foods like vegetable soups, fruit juices like apple juice, white grape juice or any other non-citrus juices are best. Here you should remember the juice should be clear and without any pulp. You can also take soft drinks like cola, 7-Up or any other clear liquid beverages. It is okay to get a coffee or tea, but it should be without milk or cream as it may create indigestion. As of now, you might have understood sufficient intake of liquid is necessary after colonoscopy to avoid dehydration to the body caused due to huge fluid loss during the process.


Can I Consume Alcohol?

Here I must say that you should avoid alcohol intake until you are completely recovered. Some may suggest that you can drink alcohol after 12-24 hours of the process. It is my advice not to take their words seriously, and I shall explain it why. You know, alcohol causes dehydration that may worsen the situation. It also has a sedative effect, which may interact with the action of sedative medicines you are already taking. If you are alcoholic, you must talk to your doctor first.

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Low-Fiber Diets.

High-fiber foods often stimulate colon movement and increase the number of stools. Moreover, it increases pain sensation in the colon and thus delays recovery. Therefore, a colonoscopy patient should avoid high-fiber foods like raw vegetables and fruits, dried legumes, etc. Foods like white rice or refined bread are very low in fibers and hence can be eaten every day.


Prepare and Adhere to Diet Chart.

You may not feel hungry as normal due to the effect of sedative medicines. Therefore, it’s nice to make a meal schedule and follow that strictly. Take frequent small meals rather taking heavy meals at once. It will help you avoid nausea and vomiting tendency. Your meal should contain all the essential components like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vegetables, and minerals. Not to say, healthy foods help in faster recovery.

Diabetic patients often cannot drink fruit juices. Low-calorie drinks like diet cola are perfect for them. It is also not advisable to take rice if you have diabetes. For any particular condition, you must consult your doctor for proper guidance.

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Final Words.

Almost all of the colonoscopy patients suffer from dehydration. It happens due to huge fluid loss during preps. Therefore, it is evident to take more than sufficient liquids. A healthy human body requires 2-3 liter fluids per day. For a patient, it may rise to 4-5 liters per day depending upon the body weight. Water, juices, soups and soft drinks are the primary sources for liquids for our body. Prepare electrolyte solutions if you do not prefer to drink only water. It is also helpful for restoring electrolyte imbalance caused during the process. Some incidents reported that patients are hospitalized again as they could not drink so many fluids. They were put on intravenous fluids.

I have created these bullet points to make it easy to remember and follow…

  • Drink more than adequate fluids.
  • Eat easy to digest foods only.
  • Eat low-fiber foods only.
  • Create a diet plan and adhere to it.
  • Take frequent small meals.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Consult a doctor before taking any other medication.

Note: Ask your doctor about what to eat after colonoscopy and discuss any particular issue you already have.

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  1. I’m not sure who this is meant to apply to, as hospital staff advised me to eat and drink (I don’t drink alcohol) as normal after my colonoscopy, as did the printed instructions they gave me. Thirteen hours after the procedure ended, I have consumed 4 light to medium meals of accustomed type & size (and plenty of fluids) and am feeling great. Granted, my usual diet is rather lacking in roughage, and I usually consume at least 1-2 *large* meals a day.

  2. I had my procedure this morning. I too, was told “eat normally” with no specific instructions.
    That said, i will be drinking more fluids and avoiding fruit and veg to start with.
    The pharmacy has recommended the pro-biotic drinks to restore ‘good bacteria” quickly.

  3. First nice topic i enjoyed reading this , very intresting

    Second i just wana know about foods like vegetable soups, fruit juices like apple juice, white grape juice . it can be eny kind of fruits and eny kind of vegtables??

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